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What to Look for When Choosing Masonry Contractors?

by William Beel
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Choosing Masonry Contractors

Let’s say you have narrowed down your choice of building material. Now what to do next? You have to find a masonry contractor Choosing the right mason is imperative for the durability and stability of the entire building. That’s because masons lay foundations, construct walls and handle the repairs of structures using stone, brick, and cement. Whatever they do is going to stay with you for a long time (or, perish the thought, not!)

It’s a highly skilled trade and you can’t judge a book by its cover. You have to look deeper for proofs of masonry skills and that’s what makes the difference between having a very nice masonry job done and cringing every time you look at it!

Check the following aspects before narrowing down a masonry contractor for a particular job.

See Pictures Of The Previous Work

There are several masonry companies out there that claim to be the best in their fields. You can confirm if a company has got the aptitude and competence to handle masonry work by looking at the pictures of the previous work. Make sure they have been successful in making durable and beautiful structures in the past.

The best companies or masonry professionals have got portfolios of the previous works. Know that masonry is an artwork and if you are looking for quality workmanship you have to be sure the professional has worked with the particular building material. If you need intricate artwork done, prefer a professional with specific experiences.

Talk To Any Of The Previous Customers

Despite masonry being a critical part of the construction industry, there isn’t a cut and dried way to see if all of the workers know the work ethics. Your safest bet is to talk to the previous customers. Take a look at the masonry work the contractor did but more importantly talk about their experience. Ask how the crew orchestrated itself during the work. Drinking and weed smoking masons are not unheard of and that impacts the quality of the work. You need to feel safe and comfortable with the company that is going to stay at your property for a long time.

Check Insurance Coverages

Does the masonry contractor in question ready to offer a guarantee? Do they have got the adequate insurance coverages? Get answers to these questions before even considering a contractor. They should be ready to fix any of the substandard work done under their supervision. Besides the quality assurance, you need to be sure if the workers are protected while they are working at your property. You don’t want to be dealing with liabilities in case of accidents.

Evaluate Pricing Policy And Work Methods

Typically, the masons who have got great reputation are the most expensive ones. They charge money for their premium services and flawless results. If you are truly in search of quality workmanship, be prepared to pay more than average costs. But that does not mean you should go with the first estimate you get. Request estimates from different companies and evaluates the pricing policy.

Prefer a company that complies with all the standards of the construction industry as the very nature of masonry work is dangerous. A professional mason keeps safety a priority. If you want the work done at minimal prices, don’t plan your project in summers or spring.

Have A Look At The Average Lead Times

Lead time is the period between initiation and completion of a construction project. The best masonry contractors abide by the agreed time frames. They will provide you an estimated timeline for the work after the first assessment of the project. Have a look at the average lead times.

Written Contracts

Masonry is all about accuracy and precision. And so should be the written contract! Ensure that the contract specifies the work, the construction material being used, and the estimated cost of the project.

Stick to these rules and you can avoid the most common pitfalls!

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