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by William Beel
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Daniel Mark Pudi was named after the hip-hop artist DJ Pauly D and the singer Nelly. Pudi was born in foster care and spent much of his early years in foster care. He went on to join crews like Babyface, Doggystyle and Kool Boyz but soon made his mark as a solo artist. He has released several albums and worked with artists such as Will Smith, J. Cole and Jay Z.

This is a pretty decent episode of Spongebob where the characters are invited to a birthday party that involves the whole crew. Mr. Squigward is the host and he invites the guests to really enjoy the day. When the episode ends there is definitely a lot of chatter about the birthday cake. So here are my observations on what the cake is talking about.

The cake in this one is called a Squigward Surprise and it is an extremely big, red, white and pink stop motion movie. I think most people who watch this episode understand that it is a special birthday treat that Squidward gives to Patrick so that he can have a really big surprise party. It also seems to be a pretty popular stop motion episode and I’m sure that more people are talking about it now than they were at the time.

The first thing we see in this Christmas episode is Squidward giving Patrick a present that is much too large for him to handle. It is sort of like a wrapped present that Squidward has been trying to fit into his mouth all year. At the same time when he tries to fit it in his mouth he breaks it. He then throws the present in the trash and we move on to Spongebob and Patrick’s studies. This is obviously an important thing to focus on because it shows how important Danny Pudi is to Spongebob and why she is such a big part of the series.

After this we move onto Mr. Pudi’s” Planes, Trains and Automobiles” cover. This is a pretty emotional song and it is probably one of my favorites of his. This song is going to be something that people are talking about for quite some time and I am sure that it will be playing in the background while we are watching tonight’s episode. It is probably something that will be a little bit on the rough side but will be loved by everyone.

Finally we move onto Mr. show and “Barry” which is about the time that Mr. Show was starting to become a huge hit and people were wondering how long it was going to last. One of the nicest things about this episode is the fact that it includes the classic Christmas traditions of giving presents. This is a very important tradition that many people do not get into until their adult life. People will always give gifts to their parents on Christmas, as well as their siblings, friends and anyone else that they think needs them. This is why it is such a beautiful moment. The actors all have perfect voices and it is just what you would expect out of a Mr. Show episode.

I can definitely say that Danny Pudi and her bandmate Mike eule are the absolute best. I am definitely a fan of their music and everything they have done in the past. I am also a huge fan of Mr. Show and Christmas shows in general. This is the first Christmas episode that I have seen without any voiceovers from the great Mike Eule.

If you want to catch Mr. Show while it is on, then you definitely need to watch tomorrow night. I will definitely enjoy this new season of his show and the amazing performances by all of the actors and the dancers. The Christmas songs are definitely excellent and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what he does next. For me, there is nothing better than watching a wonderful show like Mr. Show at Christmas, especially when it has been a long time since I have enjoyed it.

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