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Personal Injury Cases That Are Commonly Seen

In the UK, specialists have assessed that around 3 million individuals make claims because of mishaps and incidents consistently, which is practically 5% of the entire populace of the country. Even though the state has been imposing huge loads of rules, guidelines, wellbeing careful steps, and standard working methods on the whole different backgrounds, we witness mishaps causing minor injuries like cuts, lacerations, or wounds and even significant issues like spinal harms, head wounds, amputations, and in most pessimistic scenarios, Injury Cases to death. 

Here at Wallace Legal, we have employed some of the very finest personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh as we have been managing a wide scope of personal injury cases on a regular premise. 

Here are some normal sorts of individual injury cases that we manage:

Road Traffic Accidents

Motor accident and road traffic claims represent the greater part of all the personal injury claims made in the UK. Despite the fact that the Government is expanding rules and guidelines and most people are carefully following them out and about, yet we actually see a rich abundance of mishaps happening. This isn’t so amazing considering the way that there are in excess of 30 million vehicles out and consistently. 

Road traffic accidents include every one of the various incidents occurring on the roads, similar to walker mishaps, mishaps on public transport, vehicle crashes, cycle mishaps, and so many more. Whether you’re driving in a car, or some other vehicle like bicycle, transport, or even by foot, mishaps can happen, no matter how cautious you are. If you ever find yourself involved in a road traffic accident that was completely a fault of someone else, you have the legal right to claim for compensation.  

In case that you have endured wounds like broken bones, whiplash, blackout, or whatever other extreme wounds that may have affected your general life vigorously, you have the right to get remunerated from the party who was answerable for the harm, regardless of whether you were driving a vehicle, walking by, or riding a motorbike. Get associated with our accomplished accident solicitors immediately to ensure you get your money without any hassle. 

Accidents at Public Spaces

Incidents and mishaps happening at public spaces occupy around 20% of all personal injury claims. According to the law of the UK, every public private organization has a legal duty of care to provide a safe environment for their workers and visitors. Failing to abide by this duty of care or breaching it can make them liable for compensation. 

Here at Wallace Legal, we have been helping people with claim for injuries they incurred as a result of accidents that happened at public places. These injuries and damages can be in the form of illnesses happening because of ill-maintained council properties, or injuries to people walking on streets or cyclists due to potholes or damages roads, and even accidents occurring market places and shops. 

If for instance, you got injured in any superstore and this mishap could have been easily avoided. If the store manager was more careful, you can make a claim against them and get compensated for your losses, given that you and your solicitor are able to prove their negligence. 

Workplace Accidents

The third most common type of personal injury claims are the accidents that happen at workplaces. This sector accounts for around 16% of all the personal injury claims in the UK. Spinal cord issues and back problems are the most occurring in this segments. 

As one of the best and most experienced injury solicitor firms in the UK, we recognise the fact that all employers have a legal duty to fulfill to make sure that their premises is safe and abides with all the safety standards of procedures. In addition to that, they have a legal responsibility to protect all the staff and workers present at the place at all times.  

If you were unfortunate enough to suffer injuries at workplace, you have a maximum of three years from the date of happening to make a claim for compensation.