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What Is Attractive About Attracting New Customers to Atwoods Investments, Incorporated

by William Beel

Atwoods Dairy and Honey Farm is a small dairy and honey farm supply business based in Enid, Oklahoma. Atwoods Dairy and Honey Farm have 64 stores in five locations: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma City, and Texas. Nearly half of Atwoods’ stores are located in Oklahoma City. The company’s biggest market is in Arkansas. It sells a variety of dairy and processed food products, including baby formula, ready mixes, fitness, and low-fat yogurt, dry dairy products, ice cream mixes, soy milk, sherbet, confectionery, dough mixes, baby foods, and baby formula.

Company’s Largest Contract

Atwoods also distributes cookware, glassware, and cutlery from its California facility and a small processing plant in Enid. The company’s largest contract is with the giant margarine and Conventional to produce trail mix for truckers. Atwoods also distributes an assortment of snack foods including popcorn and wafers. Its California facilities as well as snacks such as cookies and candies. Conventional, which is own by Kraft Foods, is a maker of potato chips and beverages.

Atwoods also distributes cleaning and personal care products from its California warehouse and a manufacturing facility in Enid. It offers a complete line of baby products, from baby bottles and nipples to towels and washcloths. Atwoods manufactures sanitary napkins and disposable bedclothes and sells disposable tablecloths. She sells sanitary cleaning solutions and disinfectants at a ranch price match.

Atwoods Farm

Atwoods Dairy and Honey Farm offer its own brand of tomato paste, sweet corn, yogurt, ice cream, and sherbet. In addition, it sells a variety of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, celery, and green beans. Atwoods also distributes poultry, beef and pork essentials, as well as a selection of dairy products. Atwood’s Garden Store offers a wide selection of gardening and landscaping products, home gardening essentials, greenhouses, planting, and flower seeds. Atwoods also distributes organic lawn and garden items and sells camping and survival equipment.

In addition to these major retail outlets, Atwoods carries a full assortment of vitamins and herbal supplements. Atwood’s store coupons, and promotional products. In June of 2021 Atwoods opens its own twenty-four-hour fitness center and gym, called “Atwoods Fitness”. The location is located on FM road in Enid and serves individuals of all ages. Atwoods Fitness is design to complement the unique lifestyle of Enid residents. Individuals of all ages can use the gym and fitness center and may receive discounts. Free treatment by participating in Atwoods weight loss classes.

Investment Corporation

Atwood Investments is a publicly held investment company that focuses on real estate, alternative energy, and the stock market. They sponsor golf tournaments and offer cattle, wool, and fishing leases for sale. Atwood Investments is run by Richard T. Andrews, who also serves as the President of the board of directors. Mr. Andrews has over twenty years of experience in the stock market and real estate industry, serving as CEO and co-founder of both Andrews Financial and Stratham Investment Corporation.

Atwood Investments is one of the few companies in the United States to specialize in the area of livestock and real estate, focusing on the Enid community in Arizona. The business utilizes its local ranch experience to provide a full range of services to their clients, ranging from cattle contracts to wool contracts to fish stocking leases, cattle, and alpaca raising, and trout, salmon, and brook trout fishing. In addition to their ranch prices, the company has a full stock of machinery for all phases of the livestock industry and a large amount of banking equipment.


Atwood Properties, Incorporated is a Public limited liability corporation whose headquarters are located at 25 East Main Street, Suite #2, Farmingdale, NJ. Their main office is in the city of Farmingdale, which is also where the majority of the company’s shareholders are located. The owners are permitted to operate the company as a sole proprietorship and have up to one million shares of common stock. Mr. Andrews is the president and chief executive officer of Atwoods.

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