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8 Tips To Cut Down A Tree Safely And Quickly

by William Beel
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The process of cutting a tree is very difficult. If you know how to work with a chainsaw, then you can cut some trees on your own. If you do not have any experience of using the tools that are used for tree cutting, then you should leave it to experts such as tree cutting Sydney contractors. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks to safely and quickly cut down a tree.

1.Find Out If it’s Safe

When it comes to cutting trees, then it is a good idea to pay attention to safety and security. You should thoroughly observe the condition of the tree. If the tree has lots of broken branches, then you should make a safe plan for cutting the tree. After observing the condition of the tree, you should find out whether the area around the tree is clear or not.

Make sure that there is no obstruction around the tree. Also, you should keep your eyes on power lines, buildings, and electric boxes around that tree. You should determine the fall area around the tree to find out where this tree will fall. You should first clean the area around the tree.

2. Collect Necessary Tools And Equipment

Once you have observed the condition of the tree and clear the area around the tree, then you should move on to the next step. You should collect all the necessary tools and equipment that will help in completing the process. In addition to this, you should also collect safety tools and equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats, work gloves, and more. Based on the location where you live, you may need a permit from the homeowners. Also, you should pay attention to the local laws and rules before starting the cutting process.

3. Estimate the Fall Area

You should find the approximate fall area of your tree because it is not easy to determine the exact height of the tree. It is recommended that you should assess the tree for uneven growth. In case, the tree is heavier from one side, then it will fall in this specified direction.

If you want to have the right estimate, then you should hold the ax at your arm’s length and near to one eye. After that, you should start walking from the tree until the top and bottom of the tree are properly aligned with the top and bottom of your ax. The position where you are standing will roughly describe the position where the tree will fall.

4. Find Escape Routes

You should find out the escape routes to ensure safety. These safe routes will prevent you from unwanted bad conditions. If something goes wrong, then you can choose the escape routes.

5. Plan the Notch

You should create the notch on the tree so that it falls in the intended direction. It is imperative to choose the heaviest side as the fall side of the tree. Also, it is recommended that you should work at a comfortable height. If the size of the stump is very large, then you should always keep in mind that you can cut the base of the tree later on.

6. Make A Notch

You should start with the top side cut and move it at the 45-degree downward angle. After that, you should make a cut which is 1/3rd of the way inside the trunk. Below this cut, you should make a second cut which should be parallel to the ground. Make sure that the horizontal cut comes quite closer to the first cut.

7. Insert Wedges

Wedges are necessary to bring the tree down. If the diameter of the tree is more than 18 inches then wedges will help in preventing the saw from getting pinched. You can easily purchase them from the supply store. If your notch is cut, then you should start forming the felling cut. Once you have made a proper cut to insert wedges, then you should stop cutting and pound in wedges. Finally, complete this Felling cut.

8. Felling Cut

When the felling cut will be completed, then the Tree Safely will start falling. You should start moving to another direction of the tree which is away from the notch. You should form a back cut that is an inch above the notch. It is important to create the hinge. Therefore, you should cut through the tree. When the tree will start moving then stop cutting and start going away from the tree through the safe paths.

Final Words:

These are a few steps that you need to follow while cutting a tree. You should follow all these steps and safely cut down a tree. We recommend you to take the help of professionals to prevent yourself from major trouble.

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