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Conservative Women and Politics in Today’s World

by William Beel
Abigail Shapiro

“ABITA LA REPECT” by Abigail Shapiro is another book written by Abigail, which you may not have read already. In this book, the author takes us back in time to a little bit of her pre-teen years. We see Abigail as a pre-teen girl, and her imaginary friends are her “imaginary friends from the other side,” as she calls them. As you may have guessed, things do not go well for Abigail from the very beginning.

Parent’s divorce

The premise of the book is that Abigail was left an orphan because of her parent’s divorce. She and her best friend, Jackie (who happen to be her biological mom) have been good friends since pre-school. They even used to play matchmaker for little girls in order to get them into the best schools in town. One of the best things about Abigail Shapiro and Jackie is that they are both so incredibly smart and curious. What’s more, in this one-season episode of “Raising Helen,” we also learned that Abigail once had a crush on another boy from school, but had been scared to talk to him because of his grades.

Great friends

This all changed when her best friend gave her a tour of the facility where she worked. In the facility, she met a cute, dark-skinned boy named Aaron. Immediately, Abigail felt drawn to him, and the two of them quickly became great friends. One day, while walking through the lab with Aaron, they were approached by two men. One of the men asked for Aaron and gave him a price to get out of his contract with the production company, and the other man demanded to know where Abigail and Jackie went shopping.

To make matters worse, the price for getting out of the contract wasn’t cheap, and so Aaron paid up. After this happened, Jackie saved the money intended for Aaron and gave it to Abigail, telling her it was for a good cause: to become an American Conservative political commentator. So begins a strange friendship between a thirteen-year-old girl who needs to get out of a contract and a political commentator with deep political views and strong opinions.


After her unfortunate experience with the boy, Abigail Shapiro decided to become an outspoken critic of liberalism in general and to help fight against the liberal machine that seeks to dictate how things should be done in the United States and the world. The YouTube channel in which she posts these videos has yet to make any political contributions or advertisements. This fact alone makes me feel terrible for all the poor souls who will benefit from her videos.

Jackie is also a strong American conservative political commentator, although not nearly as extreme as Abigail’s far more controversial views on many issues, including some that might cause political problems for the left in the future. This strong political conviction began to shape her life when she was in college, and after graduation. It’s a shame that young people who go off to college and get an education never learn to be true to their convictions. Jackie is an example of this in the way that she pursued her career. She didn’t have to worry about what the right or left thinks of her; instead, she just did what she believed was right.

Classical singer

Jackie has also managed to turn herself into an accomplished classical singer. At one point she was able to make her own music, using the talents she learned in school to hone her skills. In fact, she has released two CDs as well as several other albums over the years. One is dedicated to the memory of her sister, Alice. As you would expect, this opera singer plays the role of the older sister, doing what her younger sister, Aaron, never could.

All in all, it’s easy to see why some people might be skeptical about comparing the work of Jackie Onasis to that of an opera singer. After all, it’s not common for opera singers to talk about social and political issues while they’re on stage. Still, as Jackie demonstrated, being a conservative woman doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t also be an accomplished performer. Her book, “American Motherhood” showed a glimpse of the life she had as a working mother, and that certainly wasn’t anything like the fast-paced life most American mothers lead. As such, many may look to Jackie Onasis for a certain type of female perspective on things, much like the famous quotes by the late Margaret Anderson, wherein she states that mothers must take care of themselves, while their husbands should raise the children.

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