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Zombie Reddy – Teja Sajja’s First Solo Film

by William beel

This action-packed horror film is directed by Prasanth Varma. Produced by Raj Shekar Varma, the film stars Teja Sajja, Anandi, Raghubabu, Daksha Nagarkar, and Getup Srinu. Music has been composed by Mark K Robin. Despite the horror-filled plot, the movie is fun to watch. It will leave you wanting to see more of this undead hero!

Getup Srinu

Zombie Reddy is an upcoming Indian horror film that was released on aha, an OTT platform. The film is directed and written by Prasanth Varma. It is bankrolled by Raj Shekar Varma and scored by Mark K Robin. It stars Daksha Nagarkar and Anandhi. The film is set in two villages in the state of Rayalaseema and revolves around Zombies attacking villagers.

Teja Sajja

The child hero Teja Sajja is gearing up for his first solo venture as a filmmaker with the release of Zombie Reddy on February 5. Having won praise for his performances in his previous films, Teja has now decided to embark on a solo career. We caught up with Teja to find out how he is handling this new project and what he has planned for the future.

Zombie Reddy is a funny action entertainer with a satirical tone. Teja is a character that has never been seen before. The movie is filled with humor, and it’s clear that the filmmakers are looking to make it a star vehicle for the talented Teja Sajja. The film stars the likes of RJ, Anandhi, and Anandhi.

Nandini Reddy

Zombie Reddy is a Telugu action comedy film directed by Prashanth Varma. Nandini Reddy is a hapless housewife who becomes an undead vampire. The film stars a number of actors, including Teja Sajja, Daksha Nagarkar, and Hari Teja. It will also feature Anandi, Daksha Nagarkar, Prabhas, and Raghu Karmanchi. Music will be scored by Mark K Robin.

The music in Zombie Reddy is composed by Mark K. Robin, who adds a haunting quality to the scenes. The production values are decent, and Anith has captured zombie visuals with technical finesse. Prasanth Varma picked the zombies for the film with care. The editing is clean, and the action sequences are well-choreographed. The film is not without its share of controversy, however, and it’s best to avoid the film’s controversies.


The film is about a game developer named Mario who is in search of his lost friend. Together with his friend Daksha, they make their way to Rudhravaram, a town in Kurnool, in search of his friend. But they quickly come across a zombie infestation that turns them into undead. They must stop it before the zombies can infect their friend and get him back to normal.

The story revolves around Mario, who is stuck in the town of Kurnool, India because his friend Kalyan has been trapped at Kurnool for a wedding. Mario and his friends eventually find him and save the village from the zombie infestation. However, the whole village is infected by the zombies, and Mario is left to save them. In this film, Teja Sajja plays the role of a young gamer.


The director of Tollywood’s first zombie movie, Prashant Varma, explains how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic inspired the story of Zombie Reddy. Although the film is set in a different time and place than the ongoing pandemic, the initial reports of the virus in Wuhan served as inspiration for the plot. Virus in Zombie Reddy has a unique plot and will definitely make audiences laugh and cringe.

The movie is a minefield of pop culture references. A flashback to Basha’s childhood in Tamil cinema is a great example of this. Another song evokes the same sentiments, as does a line from the Golimaar song. The film uses elements from mythology and cinema in its sequence and is beautifully staged. In addition, there is some humor mixed in throughout. Overall, ‘Virus in Zombie Reddy’ is a good movie that will be enjoyed by fans of zombie movies.


Zombie Reddy is a funny film that pokes fun at the current pandemic and its memes. The zombies are bloody and scary, but this film never takes itself seriously and is not worth watching if you don’t like Prasanth Varma’s previous work. While the film does have its moments, it is not one of the most impressive efforts. Here are some things to keep in mind before watching the film.

Zombie Reddy starts off on a good note with its unusual blend of COVID lockdown and zombies. The film has a good interval point wherein the director creates a sense of special interest in the movie’s subsequent proceedings. The film also boasts some well-done comedy scenes, though not all of them have the desired response. It is also disappointing that the movie’s climax has a distinctly uneven logic. However, it fits in with the rest of the film’s premise.

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