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Evidence Need to Support Your Car Accident Claim in Albuquerque

by William Beel
Car Accidents

If you suffered injuries or property damage in a car accident due to the negligent action of another motorist, you want to exhaust all options available to recover the compensation you deserve. But getting the compensation you need is not a walk in the park. There are hurdles you must overcome including the need to convince the insurance company that your injuries are serious enough to be compensated for. Also, you must be able to provide the company with evidence that supports your claim. To make sure you don’t make mistakes as you handle your claim, it’s best to have a car accident attorney in Albuquerque on your side. Keep reading to learn more about the evidence that must be gathered to strengthen your car accident claim:

Evidence Obtained from the Accident Scene

While the aftermath of a car crash is often a mess, you can find important pieces of evidence at the crash scene. Collecting evidence at the scene is important as it may disappear quickly. If you are physically able to, get your phone or camera and take photos or whatever you see at the accident scene. This can include damage to both vehicles, weather and road conditions, skid marks, debris, and injuries. Take photos from different angles and distances to capture all important evidence.

The police have to be called to the scene, so they can perform a preliminary investigation and create an accident report. You will need a copy of this report for your claim. 

Eyewitness Testimony

There are usually some people available who witnessed the accident as it happened. They can be drivers and passengers of other cars who saw what occurred. Or the witnesses can be bystanders near the roadway. It is important to get the name and contact details of these witnesses, so your attorney can contact them later. Insurance adjusters and judges will use eyewitness testimony to determine liability.

Medical Records

To get the compensation you need after a car crash, you must establish the amount of compensation you have paid for your medical care and the expected medical care cost to ensure you reach maximum medical improvement. Insurers will check your medical records; however, you should be careful. Ensure you only sign over records related to your accident timeframe. Do not allow the adjuster to access your full medical history. Make sure to have your attorney present whenever you sign something from the insurance company.

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