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Personal Injury Firm Lerner and Rowe $20 Million Advertising Efforts

by William Beel
Lerner and Rowe

The personal injury firm Lerner and Rowe has grown its reach with the proliferation of offices. This furthers the founder’s goal to help those in need of legal services.

The firm runs TV ads, radio commercials, and social media posts that attract new clients. It has also invested $20 million in its advertising efforts.


Lerner and Rowe are one of the top law firms in America. The firm is based in New Mexico and specializes in personal injury cases. It also deals with medical malpractice, hazardous products, and other cases.

Lerner and Rowe

The renowned lawyers of the firm are known to be responsible for assisting tens of thousands of people who suffer from trauma and injuries. They work with their network of attorneys across the country to ensure that the victims receive compensation.

They have earned a name for themselves by winning millions of dollars in settlements and awards for their clients. They have also devoted significant time and energy to charitable causes.

In addition to this, they have also launched their own nonprofit organization called “Lerner and Rowe Gives Back.” They help veterans transition back into civilian life, send care packages to troops, and recognize veteran and military families.

The law firm’s success has been attributed to its ability to provide honest service to its clients. They have an eminent team of around 60 lawyers, supported by 450 employees, and they are growing at a rapid pace in different parts of the country.

Brief Description Of The Founders

The founding duo of lerner and rowe injury attorneys, Glen Lerner and Kevin Rowe, have built one of the most successful personal injury firms in the country. They have offices across the US with over 50 attorneys and nearly 400 support staff.

The founders have made it a point to invest in law firm brand marketing to ensure long-term success. This is critical for ensuring that their firm can compete with the best contingency fee personal injury law firms in the country.

In addition to this, they have invested in marketing campaigns that allow them to target specific markets. This has helped them to expand their personal injury practice into multiple states, including Arizona, California, Illinois, New Mexico, and Tennessee.

Their growth has been largely driven by multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. As a result, the founders have accumulated a large amount of wealth, which they use to fund their dream foundation.

In order to attract more clients, they have set up a $20 million budget for advertisements on television, radio, social media, and online platforms. This has allowed them to reach out to thousands of potential customers every year.

Kevin Rowe Bio

Kevin Rowe is one of the co-founders of the Lerner and Rowe law firm. He has a strong passion for helping injured victims and their families obtain justice.

He has extensive knowledge of personal injury and wrongful death cases. His expertise is reflected in his successful settlements of tens of millions of dollars for his clients.

Previously, he worked for an insurance defense firm and has gained immense recognition in the industry as a result of his multi-million-dollar settlements.

In addition to personal injury cases, he also handles bankruptcy and criminal defense cases. He has represented auto dealers and land developers as well.

His success stems from a respected network of attorneys who cultivate ties with accident victims. These relationships help the attorney ensure that they have a path to reasonable compensation for their clients’ losses and suffering.

He is admitted to practice before all the courts in the state of Arizona and before several federal courts. He is also a member of the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association, Maricopa County Bar Association, Scottsdale Bar Association, and American Association for Justice.

Glen Lerner Bio

Glen Lerner is a personal injury lawyer who is the co-founder of Lerner and Rowe. He has been in the industry for over two decades and has helped thousands of people get the justice they deserve.

As a result of his success, he has made a considerable amount of money. He has also helped countless people through his charitable efforts.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, he is also a producer of live shows. He has worked with a variety of artists and musicians, including Muse.

He has a passion for helping young people break into the industry. He is the Managing Director of Backstage Academy and has previously been a Governor at BRIT School.

During his career, he has helped several aspiring artists and crew members find their place in the industry. He has also helped them gain experience and confidence.

He is a father of four and enjoys many different activities. He likes to watch sports, work out, and invest his time and energy in his family.

Growth Of The Firm

The firm has become one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the United States. It has helped tens of thousands of people recover financially and get their lives back on track after accidental injuries.

The law firm was founded in 2005 by Kevin Rowe and Glen Lerner. They had the vision to provide people with injury attorneys at the right time.

Since the firm’s inception, they have been successful in helping people with their cases. They have also resolved several verdicts that are worth millions of dollars for their clients.

Moreover, they have been successful in expanding their reach nationally. They have offices in various locations across the country, including California, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico, Indiana, and Tennessee.

In addition, they have a huge $20 million advertising budget, which they spend on television, radio, and social media. They even purchased a Super Bowl commercial.

The firm is known for its dynamic workflow and its ability to handle a variety of cases. They also have a strong reputation for excellence and are known to work with the latest technology and research to ensure they offer the best service possible.

Social Media Influence

Among the most popular and recognizable law firms in the United States, lerner and rowe has a strong social media presence. Their Twitter page boasts 2,808 tweets, 864 followers, and 530 likes. They also have an impressive LinkedIn page with acknowledgment on behalf of 249 followers.

In addition, their Facebook page is image filled and features photos of various charitable events. These include the 4th Annual Salt River Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, Arizona Interscholastic Association, Homeless Outreach of the Metro PD Enterprise Area Command, Holmberg’s Heat Stroke Open, and Operation Hydration.

They have also partnered with Phoenix Rising FC, a Major League Soccer team, in a bid to give back to the community. The partnership includes social media contests and co-branded merchandise to support the team’s fans.

Their 25 Days of Giving promotion is a good example of the company’s commitment to the community. They are offering sweepstakes and are accepting entries from legal residents of Arizona, New Mexico, or Tennessee who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry.

Mastermind Group And Its Consequences

A mastermind group is a group of like-minded professionals that meet to discuss business and personal issues. These sessions help members get peer support, brainstorm ideas and create accountability.

They’re also a great way to keep up with new and relevant trends in the world of business. It’s no wonder that successful people such as Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford were all part of a mastermind group.

The best mastermind groups have specific parameters that ensure all participants are committed to meeting the objectives set forth by the facilitator. Those parameters make the experience of participating in a mastermind group worth the time and effort.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, mastermind groups can be a tremendous benefit to your success. They can also help you overcome challenges and make the most of your resources.

In order to find a good mastermind group, you should look for people who are goal-oriented and success-driven. They should have a strong commitment to their success and be willing to share their knowledge with others.

Lerner and Rowe

How Much Do Lerner And Rowe Charge For The Service?

The firm has 60 attorneys across the US. Currently, they have nearly 450 support staff.

They are famous for their successful case settlements and have a yearly client base of 22,000 clients. They specialize in cases related to auto accident claims as well as torts and product liability.

Glen Lerner founded the firm in 1992. He conceived the idea that TV commercials helped lawyers gain prominence and he quickly expanded the firm.

This strategy made the company very successful and Glen Lerner’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $4.5 Million.

In addition to his business, Glen Lerner is also a philanthropist who has helped many people through his nonprofit organization. He has helped people with legal issues like personal injury, social security disability, bankruptcy, and DUI defense.

He is also a credit restructuring attorney who specializes in the area of bankruptcy law. He has successfully won millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.

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