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How The Exorcist Inspired The TV Shows Of Freddy Krueger

by William Beel
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Cole Hauser was born in Kansas City, Missouri. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in theatre at the University of Southern Illinois, he went on to play different characters in television before landing his role as Nelson Van Hellsing in the movie, The Devil’s Advocate. Since then, he has gone on to play different characters in movies, including The Firm, Tokyo, Raising Helen, The Unit, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Perfect Score, The Pursuit of Happyness, Man on the Moon, and a surprising number of TV shows. He also voices several characters in video games.

One of the most common scenes from any episode of The Dead Zone or Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be that of the protagonist, Cole Hauser, trekking through a post-war world, searching for a safe place to live with his wife, Lee. While on this trek, he meets up with a cattle rustling gang, composed of two men who become his best friends, named Hack and Sterry. They offer to help him rescue his family from the evil clutches of Freddy Krueger, who seeks to control the world with power. As you can expect from any horror film of this era, the Krueger antagonists are not the easiest villains to defeat. They wear a variety of costumes, ranging from the cheapo leather attire to the really nasty outfits you’d expect to see worn by the Leatherneck killers from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It is interesting to note that the villain Freddy Krueger was not originally the villain in the original version of the story. In fact, his name wasn’t even used by Cole until the second season, where it was brought in after someone asked director Sam Raimi about an Australian horror film called Saw. The director wanted to make a movie based on the book but didn’t have the right to adapt the material into a feature film. So he asked if he could be the star of the show, and they obliged. Coelhauser was then cast as the first known face of Freddy Krueger, and we know how that turned out.

The TV series alongside Coelho, called The Necromancer, has been interesting to watch. The acting is fantastic, especially Leo Bonham-Carter’s role as Dr. Arthur Holmwood, who is a very likable doctor who has a penchant for using alternative methods to cure people of all kinds of illness. He also possesses a strange ability to confuse and misdirect, causing the people around him to be confused and disoriented. Bonham Carter is also excellent at playing the creepy, sinister Necromancer, who is every bit as scary as you’d imagine a bad guy to be.

The TV show became wildly popular around the world, with lots of famous faces from Hollywood showing up on various channels. One of them was the original Coelho, who appeared on one of the final episodes. In fact, he was the last man standing, as none of the other characters wanted to get involved. This led to lots of speculation that he may have been a key player in creating the very idea of the Necromancer. It was also revealed that he was in fact one of the main characters in the long-running k-ville series, which was written by Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

In this context, we are going to look at the story of the man who stars as Arthur Holmwood, the original Necromancer. Mr. Holmwood worked on a ranch in upstate New York when he was cast as Freddy Krueger in the movie. We saw the other actors playing other characters in this role, including two of the main characters from the film, Ashleigh Spears and Kay Panabaker. Freddy Krueger slowly started turning into something that no one would want to be at a roadside murder scene, and the press got involved, which caused a lot of public uproars. The backlash was pretty strong against the actors that starred in this film.

So Mr. Holmwood took some time off from working on the movie to do some research on his life and career. He took some time to write his book entitled, “The Necromancer” based on what he discovered during his many years of the ranch. One of the many things he delved into was the Necromancer and his relationship with a young girl who would become his wife in the end. He claimed to have been cast aside in favor of the ranch hand, who was a woman named Kay Panabaker. He described how he fell in love with her but was scared because she looked exactly like his mother.

He explained that his mother had been a promiscuous woman, who was mean and jealous of the people around her, especially Freddy. She had been the main catalyst for all of this chaos, leading up to Freddy’s murder spree. Many people wonder how he could take so much time off of work to pen this fascinating book. Did he forget something important? Or did he just want to tell a good story about the dark side of the ranch hand/necromancer relationship?

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