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Checkout sapphire latest collection

by William Beel

A retail brand which has been providing pure and quality fabric clothing and has their roots in stitched, unstitched, luxury pret, kidswear, menswear and western wear as well with accessories and household items – Sapphire is the go to platform of Pakistan for all your shopping needs. Keeping in mind the mass market and their customers, sapphire is providing affordable pricing and keeps today’s style and fashion mantras when they make designs and clothes for you. Each outfit is seemingly precious and targets your simplicity and minimal style needs and also your luxurious fashion essentials. When we think about a place where we can get all our wardrobe essentials for the season – we think of sapphire. Just like their name, the brand is unique and is remarkable in their designing.

The unstitched collection is loved by women all over Pakistan and clients all over the world that are always looking forward towards Pakistani fashion. Fabrics like lawn, cotton, silk, khaddar, linen, chiffon, karandi and net are used in their collections which are at affordable price and unique styling which you can style in every season with your stitching styles and accessories on them that makes the outfit nothing less than a high end branded outfit. Pret and luxury pret collections of sapphire focuses on your everyday looks and festive occasions as well. Style the collection in your own way. The recent saree collections has also marked its way in our most favourite collection of unstitched sarees at affordable prices and intricate detailed work on them. These collections have focused on all age groups of women that always opt towards buying different and unique outfits.

Kids Wear collections have outfits that are for all age groups and the quality of fabric used in it will make sure that the kids are loving what they wear and it is not hindering their energetic and playful day. Frocks, shalwar kameez, sweaters, trousers and jackets for winter and summer as well – all are available in sapphire. Ethnic wear and western wear for all seasons has also made the sapphire’s collection a must have. Style their outfits with accessories and twin with your kids on weddings and festive occasions as well.

From kurtas to salwar kameez and waist coats, unstitched and stitched, are available in their menswear. Your festive and ethnic wear looks will be completed with the sapphire’s collection. Lawn, cotton, khaddar and boski fabric used in menswear including bold colors and pastels that define the personality of men in their ethnic clothing has been kept in mind while making the collection every season.

The western collection of sapphire took the western fashion needs of Pakistani women to another level. When it was launched, it was the most searched collection of the brand. They changed the view and norms of typical western wear. They introduced a fusion of casual with western wear.  Pants, tops, coats, long coats, tshirts, jeans, tank tops, sweaters, cardigans, scarfs, jackets and co-ord sets were all the products that sapphire had in their collection. So, it is not wrong to say that sapphire has truly won the award for being the diverse retail brand at affordable prices and unique designs in each of their collections.

The brand is loved and worn by celebrities and bloggers and clients all over the world who love fashion and have an eye for detail of Pakistani fashion. LAAM is an online Pakistani fashion platform which is a one stop shop for more than 300+ brands at their website. Sapphire is now available at LAAM. You can now just avoid the hassle of physical shopping and visit LAAM and shop sapphire’s collection. All categories of the brand are available. You can connect with the fashion consultants and get assistance regarding styling of all your outfits be it stitched or unstitched and even western wear as well. So, without any delay, visit the website of LAAM and grab your favorite sapphire item now.

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