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A Real Camera Will Help You Stand Out From the Crowd on Instagram

by William Beel
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Most people have heard about Instagram’s staggering statistics: 200+ million members, 58,000,000 photos published per day and 1.7 billion likes per day! On a platform so crowded, how can you possibly stand out? While the number of methods to stand out on Instagram is probably on par with the number of images shared every day, here we’ll focus on just one: your camera.

It’s important to note that a DSLR will not provide you with better photographs for your social media accounts than a smartphone, but there are occasions when your camera can accomplish things that your phone cannot.

So, if you were wondering how to get more comments on Instagram, then read on.

I’ll show you how utilizing a camera may make your photographs stand out from the crowd. Your social media photos should stand out for a variety of reasons.

Why not take advantage of the fact that people are interacting with your photos and liking them? Or perhaps you’d want to make money from Instagram by getting potential clients or companies to notice your work and employ you for advertising shoots? No of the cause, if you’re simply firing with your smartphone instead of an actual gun, you’re losing out on a big portion of the game.

01. Niche:

The platform may be used to build and define your brand’s visual identity. Showcase a primary topic in your work on your feed. In this case, it might be a particular sort of topic or a particular style of photography.

Your followers will anticipate you to maintain a consistent style or topic matter in your feed, which will keep them coming back for more in the long run. If a person is interested in following you, they’ll look at your latest nine photos. To attract and grow an audience, it’s a good idea to make sure that the top of your feed constantly shows who you are as a photographer.

02. Best Quality work:

Your Instagram feed should be seen as a highlight reel of your portfolio, so only publish your finest shots.

Make sure that as you build your photography practice (both professionally and online), that each post has its own ‘Wow!’ element, but that it still looks nice collectively as well. Through the use of a consistent aesthetic (such as a shared theme or color palette), visitors will become loyal fans.

Instead of showing simply one image in your feed, use the multiple picture option if you have a lot of images from a single session and aren’t sure which one to show.

3. Personal Touch:

In addition, your Instagram feed may serve as a record of your photography or a way to highlight what goes on behind the scenes at your studio. Inspire your followers by providing a glimpse inside your shoots or by capturing life’s most memorable events and intriguing everyday occurrences. Follow the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of your photographs should be centered on your photography and practice, while the remaining 20 percent might be personal or behind-the-scenes shots of you.

Use Instagram Stories if you want to display a more intimate side. In addition, Instagram Stories are a great method to have more interaction with your followers and grow your following.

4. Forget your Mobile:

Invest in a high-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera to get professional-looking photos and videos. Compared to smartphones, these cameras create far superior images and allow you more control over how a picture will appear on your screen. If necessary, you may adjust focus, depth of field, and shutter speed, as well as switch lenses. For low-light shooting and zooming into a subject, DSLR is superior to point-and-shoot cameras.

Remove Instagram’s filters and use a photo-editing tool instead. Because RAW images include more detail than JPEGs, you’ll have more control and freedom when editing. Change the exposure, highlight, and shadow settings as well as the white balance of your shot and noise reduction.

5. Use Great Captions:

There is a higher likelihood that people will spend a longer time with an image that has an interesting caption to read. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts on a picture, and tell viewers what it means to you. Encourage genuine conversation by giving them something to think about.

Captions are a great way to engage with your audience on a more personal level and elicit an emotional reaction from them. It’s more probable that people will read or click “more” when you have an interesting caption.

If you’d like to encourage your readers to leave comments, pose an open-ended inquiry.

6. Use As Many Hashtags As You Can:

You may also improve interaction by using hashtags, which allow you to attract people who share your interests. Utilize hashtags that are well-known and relevant to your content to increase your visibility. Now that you can follow specific Instagram hashtags, this technique is much more vital than before. In addition to location, you may also use hashtags to identify your customer, brand or business, as well as the equipment you are utilizing. Consider creating a hashtag that is exclusive to you and your work.

However, there is currently a limit of 30 hashtags that may be used. Make sure they are relevant and unique to your photo and the audience you want to target by prioritizing quality over quantity.


Your brand will be represented and promoted through a dedicated Instagram page. Your username should be easily identifiable and simple to remember. If feasible, use the same name on all of your social networking channels. Your brand of photography might be defined by a profile shot of yourself or your major subject.

Describe in your bio what your area of expertise is, as well as where you live. Be sure to include your contact information as well as a link to your website so that people can easily discover and contact you when they are not browsing Instagram.

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