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How To Edit Your Video In Simple Ways Get Editor?

by William beel

Ah, video editing– there’s no craft more wonderful than this, and there’s no joy greater than transforming crazy footage into an artistic, beautiful, and concise video. Of course, some different techniques and terms can make the video editing procedure appear intimidating, but with the right video editor online, things will surely get easier for you.  That being said, if you consider video editing to be difficult, you are wrong. It’s not difficult for the ones looking to learn the basics first. For the majority of aspiring content creators, video editing is something they can learn on their own.

Of course, you need to have your focus on the style of the video and the type of story you are trying to narrate, but once you have experimented enough, it is time for you to start with the process. So, irrespective of the level of experience you possess in video editing, let us go through some of the most basic elements you must know to edit your videos in the simplest way possible:

Watch All the Shots Before Starting with the Editing

Even before starting with the editing procedure, you need to watch all the shots and footage. Try watching every second of the footage and even those shots you think you will never incorporate in your final video.

You never know, but you can always find something good in there. Another reason why you must do this is to get a feel for all your footage before putting it all together. Try finding clips you like and note the time codes. Make little notes of what you will be using them for, either A-roll or B-roll, or to place in a montage. Going this way will help you find and choose the clips you want to use in your video. And yes, the entire editing procedure will also get very easy for you.

Think About the Music You Are Looking to Add to Your Video

Even before starting with the video editing job, you must think about the music you will be using in your video. The music you choose for your video can either be an integral or subtle part of the video.

Make sure the music you choose perfectly syncs with the pace of your video if it drives the editing like in the majority of the promotional videos. Pay close attention to the song structure. For instance, if your video starts very slow, featuring a good time-lapse shot and then picks up in the middle, find a track that works in the same way.

Nevertheless, if the music you have chosen does nothing apart from adding to the ambiance and the mood of the video, try adding right at the end of the editing process. Here, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is the music you are choosing should definitely match the mood of your video.

Stabilize Your Footage

Low-quality audio will surely damage your video, but shaky footage will be a death sentence for the entire assignment. So, avoid shaky footage as much as you can. You can avoid it completely by using some good tools and plug-ins. Even the video editor online will have in-built tools for stabilizing the footage. You need to be well-acquainted with the process of stabilizing your video because it might be a game-changer for your project.

Work on the objective of making your video coherent and seamless without distorting the images overly. Change the settings if required and try experimenting with varied parameters to get the best results. You have tried all of this, but your video still looks rough; either trash it or be happy with the progress you have made. Simply understand that you must be more stable when shooting a video. This will help you in eliminating the issues you face in the very first place.

Keep Changing Visuals Every Four to Six Seconds

Changing the visuals of your video every 4 to 6 seconds will not just add rhythm to the content but will also keep it flowing. Keeping the same vision for a very long time will make your video dull, drab, and boring. And you might lose the attention of the audience very soon.

Here, the perfect rule of thumb is changing the visuals consistently, breaking visual monotony, and keeping the audience hooked. One good way of doing this is simply by making cuts where you switch to the slightly zoomed-in shots for some seconds and then return to the original shot. You can even go with the option of adding breaker slides and B-rolls to your video. This will help the viewers visualize everything that you are speaking about.

Add Transitions

Starting with editing a video in a very simple way involves basic editing like cutting, slicing, and trimming the clips together. Initially, basic editing skills will help you out. But once you have developed the skill set, adding a few transitions will be great and will also be an easy way of taking your video editing job to the next level. The majority of the editing tools have several in-built transitions for the users to try out. These include wipes, dissolves, fades, and other innovative animations. So, feel absolutely free to experiment with these options and explore them widely.

Be Ruthless

The main objective of your video editing procedure should be narrating a story that truly evokes emotion while encouraging action at the same time. Therefore, make sure every sound effect, scene, transition, and cut contributes to the story’s progression. It always works to use trims and transitions but make sure to use them sparingly, so the story of your video comes in front of the audience in the most attractive manner.

Summing Up

The above-mentioned super tactical tricks will definitely help you save a good amount of effort and time while editing your video. Follow the tips religiously and use a great video editor online to make videos that bring your products and services to the forefront.

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