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The Rookie Cast Is Diverse

by William beel

The Rookie Cast stars Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) as John Nolan, an over-40 grad who becomes the force’s oldest rookie police officer. He tries to put his past behind him and prove he can hang with the younger officers.

The series also stars Mekia Cox (Chicago PD), Richard T. Jones (NCIS: LA, Santa Clarita Diet), Melissa O’Neil, and Eric Winter.

John Nolan (Nathan Fillion)

Since 2018, Nathan Fillion has kept fans entertained with his starring role in the hit ABC show, The Rookie. In the series, he plays John Nolan, a 40something small-town guy who moves to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dream of becoming an LAPD officer. But not everyone is sold on him and he faces skepticism from higher-ups who see him as a walking midlife crisis. However, with his determination and sense of humor, he has a good chance of succeeding.

In addition to Fillion, the cast of The Rookie includes Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez, Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Wade Grey, Titus Makin Jr. as Jackson West, Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen and Eric Winter as Tim Bradford. Alexi Hawley serves as writer and executive producer for the crime drama alongside Mark Gordon and Michelle Chapman.

Although Nolan is the main character, the rookies also help drive the plot forward. As a former alcoholic, his experience and shrewd insights make him an invaluable asset to the force. He is often a voice of reason to his fellow officers, and he won’t hesitate to call out his superiors if necessary.

Another member of Nolan’s team is new recruit Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox, Chicago Med). She and Nolan have a strong connection and quickly become friends. They are each learning their way around the police academy and have a unique relationship. It isn’t clear whether their friendship will blossom into romance.

Angela West (Melissa O’Neil)

The Rookie cast is one of the most diverse on TV. Each character brings something unique to the table, creating an ensemble that is a joy to watch. The show blends a little bit of everything that fans love, with just enough humor to make it fun and entertaining. The Rookie’s plot moves at a quick pace, with plenty of action and suspense to keep viewers hooked.

The show also has a lot of heart. It tackles difficult subjects like terrorism and drug addiction, while still making sure to provide lighthearted moments. It is a combination that has made the show so popular.

Nathan Fillion’s star power is one reason the show is so popular, but the cast is what really makes the show shine. The Rookie cast includes a variety of talented actors, each with an impressive resume.

After her run on American Idol, Melissa O’Neil has gone on to work in a number of projects. She stars in The Rookie as Lucy Chen, an LAPD rookie paired with her training officer (TO). She has quickly become a fan favorite.

O’Neil is a former Calgary native who has worked on stage and in local musical theater productions. She is well on her way to becoming a leading lady in both film and television.

Mercedes Mason is another familiar face to viewers, having appeared on shows such as Entourage, The Closer, The Finder, and Six Degrees. She is an expert in the world of pop culture and has a great sense of humor. Her role on The Rookie is a great showcase for her talent.

Tim Bradford (Eric Winter)

Bradford is the strictest of the training officers and often gives Chen a hard time, something that stems from his past as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps. He served two tours in Afghanistan, so he comes across as someone with a lot of experience. He also seems to be a very tough person and that likely has to do with his abusive father growing up.

He has a soft side though. In one episode he calls Rachel Hall to set her up on a date, and in another, he finds her ring at her burial site after she was abducted. Despite Colin Hall’s attempts to discourage him from dating Rachel, Bradford reaffirms his commitment to her at the end of the episode.

In the same episode, Bradford reveals to Rachel that he and her sister used to take ‘Tim-tests’ in high school, and she compares them to the rookie tests she had taken. Although he admits to sharing some of the same traits as his father, Bradford reassures Rachel that he will not be like him and will do anything in his power to protect her.

He shows this protection when he intervenes when a fellow officer is beaten by a gang of criminals in the middle of the street and even takes matters into his own hands to break up the fight. He also tries to help a homeless young woman, and he even brings her a snack to make sure she is alright.

Shawn Ashmore (Wesley Evers)

Ashmore has acted in many films and television series, including roles as Bobby Drake / Iceman in the X-Men film franchise, Jake Berenson in the TV series The Following, Agent Mike Weston on ABC’s Conviction, Sam Spencer on CBS’s Bull, and Wesley Evers on the Amazon Prime Video superhero series The Rookie. He also starred as the main character in the 2016 video game Quantum Break and currently plays Lamplighter on the same Amazon Prime series.

When Angela is abducted in season 3, Wesley spends the first episode calling in favors to find and rescue her. He ends up working for crime lord Elijah Stone in exchange for helping him find Angela, but Stone warns Wesley that his family will be targeted if Wesley isn’t careful. Wesley tries to stay within the law but eventually gets caught up with La Fiera and ends up in Guatemala at the mercy of his captors.

In the season three premiere, Wesley tells Lopez that he lied to her about his time in prison and about what happened to him when he was interrogated by a FBI agent. He then reveals that his mother has been trying to take over control of their wedding plans and is upset that he didn’t tell her sooner about the possibility of their baby carrying Fragile X Syndrome. Lopez later finds out that her baby is not a carrier, so they proceed to get married.

In a 2018 interview for Lauren Conrad’s blog, Dana Wasdin—who plays Lopez on the show—shared a photo of her and Ashmore’s beautiful wedding. The two said “I do” in a ceremony that looked straight out of a fairytale, with Dana wearing a strapless fitted white gown and Wesley sporting a crisp black suit.

Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino)

After Aaron Thorsen got shot in the season five finale of The Rookie, many fans were wondering if the LAPD officer would be back for season six. Now that the show has been renewed and production work is set to begin soon, fans are eager to know what the future holds for their favorite drama.

The rookie cast will return for a new season, and Tru Valentino has already been promoted from recurring to series regular. Nathan Fillion will return as John Nolan, Alyssa Diaz will play Angela Lopez, Richard T. Jones will be seen as Wade Grey, Mekia Cox will portray Nyla Harper, and Jenna Dewan will reprise her role as Bailey Nune. Eric Winter and Melissa O’Neil will also return as Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen, respectively.

According to reports, the show has been officially renewed by ABC. Earlier, the network announced that it was planning to produce a fifth season of The Rookie, even though most of the series’ production was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 4th Season

Aaron was shot after he and Celina Juarez went to investigate an alley. The two were confronted by masked assailants who tried to kill them. Fortunately, Aaron survived the shooting. Afterward, he was rushed to the hospital and placed in a coma.

During the season five premiere, Aaron was approached by his mother to come on her new reality show and give his account of Patrick’s murder in order to clear his name. He reluctantly agreed. However, during the episode, he became dismayed when the camera crew follows him and Harper on plain clothes day. As a result, the pair decide to end their plain clothes day early.

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