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Stickman Game: The Relationship Between Video Games and Perceptual Ability

by William beel

From fighting games to 2D platformers, these fun stickman games have heart-pounding action! Turn yourself into a ruthless commando, or lead your army through a crowded city.

Recent research has shown that just ten hours of playing action video games significantly improves performance on several measures of visual and attentional abilities. This counters previous work that found little or no transfer of training between different types of video games.

Perceptual Ability

If you like a challenge, try these games where you’ll be controlling a stick-figure character. They take things back to the basics, with no fancy animation and all the focus on the gameplay itself. They’re great for a quick pick-me-up or a fun adventure with friends!

Frequent action video game players outperform non-gamers on perceptual learning tasks, and some studies suggest that this improved performance generalizes to other domains. However, several methodological issues hamper attempts to assess whether the observed improvements are due to training on the specific task or a more general mechanism.

We examined this question using a behavioral experiment that measured learning in two groups. One group was trained in action video games, and the other was trained in a control video game. Pre-test and post-test results showed that the two groups had comparable learning in a motion learning task, suggesting that the improved performance in the action video game group is not due to learning on the specific task.

Visual Perception

Play fun stick figure games ranging from parkouring around levels to stealing paintings from art museums! These games are all about timing, anticipation, and skill.

These games use simpler and rawer animation than the 3D graphics that you’d find in many other video games. Some gamers prefer the more traditional animation as it allows them to focus more on the gameplay itself and less on the pretty visuals.

This collection of Free Stickman Games includes FPS and 2D platformers as well as racing and RPG games. It also features a number of interesting titles that aren’t quite typical genres, such as Clash Master: Crowd City where players manage a large crowd of stickmen while they try to battle through the crowded city to win the game. This collection is sure to please anyone who enjoys these types of games!

Auditory Perception

Auditory perception is the ability to hear sounds, especially ones that come from your ears. It is the first step in acquiring language and auditory perceptual skills are essential for a child’s healthy cognitive development.

There are a lot of fun games in this category that allow players to step away from the more sophisticated 3D animation of other game genres and take it back to basics with simple stick-figure characters. From wild west fights to games where you have to catch a running chicken, this collection of stick figure games has something for everyone.

There is also a large selection of stick fighting and shooting games on this page, including some that don’t fit the typical genre mold like Vex 5. These games require timing and skill in order to be successful at defeating your enemies. They also train the brain to quickly process visual and audio information. This is important for the brain because it helps to increase reaction times and improve a person’s performance at other cognitive tasks.

Motor Perception

Play a variety of crazy fun stick-figure mini-games! Compete against your friends and the AI in multiple game modes, and see who can get the most points.

A growing body of research suggests that habitual action video game players have faster learning rates on tasks outside their gaming contexts. This “learning to learn” effect appears across several cognitive domains, including lower-level perceptual ones.

In the orientation learning task (b, d) and working memory learning task (e, f), the action video game group had significantly higher learning rates than the control video game group. The difference in these results is not due to differences in participants’ expectations of performance, as no significant correlations were observed between these variables.

Grow a stick to help the stick man jump over platforms in this game. The more platforms you jump over, the higher your score! This is a fun little test of your patience. This game has great graphics and a fun storyline!

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