The Best Paint Sprayer Options for DIYers

The Best Paint Sprayer Options for Diyers

With the use of a paint sprayer, you can get an even coating of paint on any surface, it is t much better than using a brush or roller. For example, you need to color a car, then a paint sprayer is your only option. There are a variety of sprayers on the market that may confuse you, but here we will help you to choose the best paint sprayer that suits your desired task.

Types of Paint sprayer 

If you do not want the brush strokes left to the finished look when painted get dried and have a large area to paint, then a sprayer is the best option for you. It helps you to get an even coat within less time and less energy is used. We will provide you with a thorough understanding of all types of paint sprayers commonly used.

Airless Paint sprayer

This sprayer pushes the paint from its nozzle by applying extreme pressure on the paint reservoir and it sprays the smallest drops of paint on the surface leaving the smoothest finish. An airless sprayer comes with multiple nozzles used for a variety of materials as varnish, latex paints, furniture stains, and lacquers. You can get proficiency with a little practice but make sure to not expose your skin to paint as the sprayer can inject toxic paint into your body. This paint is good to be used when dealing with large areas to get painted. But this product comes with corn of 20% to 40% wastage of paint in the air.

Compressed air sprayer

This sprayer sprays paint out of its tip using compressed air leaving a smooth finish. Its main parts include a sprayer gun, a compressor canister, and a high-pressure hose that connects the latter two parts. You can use it to paint your furniture, cabinet, and any small surfaces. It is cheap to buy and rent and easy to be used. The corn here is that they required more paint and more electricity consumption to operate.

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Paint Sprayer 

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Paint Sprayer uses very minor pressure to push the paint out of its nozzle that creates less pressure on the gun, and you can carry out the task easily with being familiar with the equipment. It works best with thinner paints when working with interior tasks on doors and walls. This sprayer is the cheapest and safe in cost and operation but does not work with latex or gloss. 

Our Best Suggestion for You

At first, consider your purpose if you are a beginner with no experience, HVLP is the best pick for you. When you are dealing with large areas then an airless sprayer is the option and for small area paintings, compressed air sprayers are the best. Point to remember that with any type of sprayer its cleaning is very important to clear the risk of any blockage so choose your sprayer wisely like titan paint sprayer parts are the easiest to clean.