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Tech Deck: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Mini Skateboards

by William beel

In the world of skateboarding, there’s a miniature sensation that has been capturing the hearts of both young and old enthusiasts – Tech Decks. These tiny skateboards have gained popularity as a fun and accessible way to practice tricks and stunts without the need for a full-sized board. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the world of Tech Decks, from their history and evolution to essential tips for mastering your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this article is packed with information to help you become a Tech Deck expert.

What are Tech Decks?

Tech Decks, also known as fingerboards, are miniature skateboard replicas that are operated by fingers instead of feet. These tiny skateboards typically measure around 96mm in length and come equipped with real skateboard components like trucks, wheels, and grip tape. They offer a unique way to practice and perform skateboarding tricks using just your hands.

The History of Tech Decks

The origins of Tech Decks can be traced back to the early 1990s when they were first introduced as a novelty item. They quickly gained popularity among skateboard enthusiasts and evolved over the years. Today, Tech Decks are produced by several companies, each offering a wide range of deck designs and customizable options.

Getting Started with Tech Decks

1. Choosing the Right Tech Deck

Before you dive into the world of fingerboarding, it’s essential to select the right Tech Deck for your preferences. Consider factors like deck shape, concave, and graphics.

2. Setting Up Your Tech Deck

Once you have your Tech Deck, it’s time to set it up. Attach the trucks, wheels, and grip tape, just like you would with a full-sized skateboard.

3. Basic Fingerboarding Techniques

Start with the fundamentals, such as ollies, kickflips, and manuals. These are the building blocks of more advanced tricks.

4. Mastering Advanced Tricks

As you gain confidence, progress to more complex tricks like heelflips, varial flips, and grind tricks.

Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

1. DIY Fingerboard Parks

Create your custom fingerboard park using household items like cardboard, wooden ramps, and rails. This allows you to simulate real skatepark environments.

2. Join the Fingerboarding Community

Connect with fellow fingerboarders through online forums, social media groups, and local meetups. Sharing tips and tricks with others can enhance your skills.

3. Explore Tech Deck Accessories

Invest in additional accessories like miniature skate obstacles, tuning kits, and different wheel types to diversify your fingerboarding experience.

Maintaining Your Tech Deck

To ensure the longevity of your Tech Deck, regularly clean the grip tape, tighten loose components, and replace worn-out wheels and trucks.

Tech Decks offers an exciting and convenient way to explore the world of skateboarding right at your fingertips. With the right board, dedication, and practice, you can become a skilled fingerboarder and impress your friends with your tricks and stunts.

1. Are Tech Decks suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Tech Decks are enjoyed by people of all ages, from kids to adults.

2. Can I use real skateboard tricks on a Tech Deck?

Yes, many real skateboard tricks can be adapted and performed on a Tech Deck with practice.

3. Where can I find Tech Deck tutorials online?

You can find a plethora of Tech Deck tutorials on platforms like YouTube and specialized fingerboarding websites.

4. Are there competitions for fingerboarding?

Yes, there are fingerboarding competitions held worldwide for enthusiasts to showcase their skills.

5. Where can I purchase Tech Decks and accessories?

Tech Decks and their accessories are available in most toy stores and online retailers. Additionally, you can check out the link below for easy access to a variety of Tech Deck products.

Tech Deck: Mastering the Miniature Skateboarding World

In the world of miniature skateboarding, there’s one name that reigns supreme – Tech Deck. These tiny, finger-sized skateboards have been a beloved pastime for enthusiasts of all ages. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Tech Decks, exploring their history, the art of fingerboarding, and tips on becoming a pro fingerboarder.

The Origins of Tech Deck

Tech Decks, also known as fingerboards, made their debut in the late 1990s. They were initially created by a company called Concept Distribution, inspired by the booming popularity of skateboarding. These miniature boards were designed to mimic real skateboards, complete with intricate graphics and functional components like trucks and wheels.

The Anatomy of a Tech Deck

To truly appreciate the art of fingerboarding, it’s essential to understand the different parts of a Tech Deck:

1. Deck

TechPondRK is the main platform of the fingerboard. It’s where all the action happens and where riders perform tricks. Tech Decks come in various designs and sizes, allowing for personalization and style expression.

2. Trucks

Trucks are the metal components that attach the wheels to the deck. They play a crucial role in maneuverability and stability during fingerboarding sessions.

3. Wheels

Wheels, like those on regular skateboards, determine how smoothly a Tech Deck rolls. The type of wheels you choose can affect your fingerboarding experience.

Mastering Fingerboard Tricks

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of a Tech Deck, let’s explore some fundamental fingerboarding tricks that will have you shredding in no time:

1. Ollie

The ollie is the foundation of many fingerboarding tricks. To perform it, use your index finger to pop the tail of the board while sliding your middle finger towards the nose, making the deck jump into the air.

2. Kickflip

A kickflip involves flicking your middle finger off the side of the deck while using your index finger to guide the board’s rotation. With practice, you can make the Tech Deck flip 360 degrees.

3. Grind

Grinding is when the trucks of the fingerboard slide along a surface edge or rail. This trick requires precision and balance, making it a favorite among advanced fingerboarders.

Becoming a Fingerboarding Pro

1. Practice Regularly

Like any skill, fingerboarding improves with practice. Dedicate time to honing your skills and mastering new tricks.

2. Learn from the Pros

TechPondRK of professional fingerboarders to gain inspiration and learn new techniques. Online communities often share tutorials that can help you level up your fingerboarding game.

3. Personalize Your Tech Deck

Customize your fingerboard with unique grip tape designs and deck graphics. Personalization adds a sense of ownership and pride to your miniature skateboard.


Tech Decks have transformed the way we experience skateboarding, allowing us to carry the thrill of the sport in our pockets. With dedication and practice, you can become a fingerboarding pro, mastering tricks and impress your friends. So, grab your Tech Deck, hit the ramps, and join the miniature skateboarding revolution!

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