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What Evidence Do You Need To Prove a Medical Negligence Claim?

by William beel

Suffering from medical negligence is a horrible event for any person. Imagine going to the doctor to get your issues resolved, to feel better, but you end up having your medical condition getting even worse. This can cause serious issues if not detected in the early days. However, the good thing is that the UK government allows all citizens to claim compensation if they have suffered medical negligence at the hands of medical professionals. 

Speaking of claiming medical negligence, if you’re the victim and you’re looking to make a claim against the medical facility or the doctor, the obligation is on you to put forth evidence to prove your case. This may include:

  • Letter of complaint
  • All records
  • Witness statements
  • Medical evidence from an expert
  • Financial evidence

Here at Wallace Legal, when you hire our medical negligence solicitor in Scotland to act on your behalf, we will take all the responsibility to gather and assess the evidence to strengthen your case. 

These shreds of evidence play a vital role in proving that the clinical treatment you receive was well below the standard of a competent and skilled medical professional in the particular field. If you’re able to establish this, you will then also be required to prove that you’ve suffered pain and suffering as a consequence of that ill-treatment.  

Let’s look at all the important evidence you will need for this claim. 

Letter Of Complaint

You will find an internal complaint procedure at all medical facilities; whether it’s a private practitioner, GP, or the NHS. It is advisable to utilize this complaints procedure before you start the claim process. As an injured party, you will be entitled to all the important documents made at the time of the investigation. These will include correspondence, witness statements, meeting notes, and more. In all these documents, there will be evidence that provides the needed support to prove your medical negligence claim. 

Medical Records

Among all the pieces of evidence, you will gather, the medical records will be of the greatest use. These records are generally written at the time you were receiving treatment and before the negligence claim started. This is why these medical records are always free from all bias and viewed as an accurate account of the medical treatment provided. Individuals have the right to access copies of their medical records under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

Witness Statements

The injured person gives witness statements along with their family and friends. The statements given by them outline all the events from the perspective of the victim. Offer an explanation of how the injury impacts their everyday life. 

The medical negligence lawyer on your case will make a witness statement after having a detailed conversation with you. It is always better to keep all the events surrounding the incident recorded. So that you don’t forget anything important when the need arises. 

Medical Evidence From an Expert

When you’re working to prove your case, it will be necessary to get a report from an independent practitioner in the relevant medical field. This expert will provide details on the standard of treatment you received and how badly it has impacted your life. This report will essentially depend on how this expert reviews your medical records. 

Financial Evidence

All personal injury claims are purposed to put the victim in the financial position they were in before they encountered this incident. This is why when an injured party chooses to make a claim for medical negligence to get their financial losses cover. They need to provide sufficient evidence for that. It is highly important that all documentary evidence pertaining to loss of earnings, medical expenses, travel expenses, additional equipment bought for the injury, and other things, should be in the record. The medical professional will most probably refuse to compensate for any losses if these documents aren’t present. 

Here at Wallace Legal, we have been providing legal support to anyone. Who has encountered problems and issues at the expense of someone else’s negligence? Get in touch with our expert solicitors right away and get your compensation money without any hassle. 

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