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Make a Bold Fashion Statement With Neon Colors

by Aurora Isla
Neon Colors

If you want to make a bold fashion statement, neon colors are definitely for you. They are bright, plastic, psychedelic and rebellious. However, you must remember that neon colors are also prone to changing color depending on your room lighting. In addition, different electronic screens show neon colors differently. To avoid confusion, you can buy neon colors with a white cover. However, they will appear slightly less vibrant.


Bright neon colors are among the most striking colors in the color spectrum. They are easily visible from miles away, especially at night, and can be used to draw attention to any location. They can also transform a home, and can be used in combination with any color scheme or interior design style. The neon colors are produced by combining chemicals and light. In their purest form, the neon color is orange-red. This red hue is produced by using gas neon.

These colors are perfect for branding and poster designs, and they can also be used for web design. The bright hues of these colors are complemented by shades of deep blue. Yellow acts as a great accent color, and both colors will make your creations stand out.


Neon colors are incredibly visible, and these hues are often associated with warning or danger. They are often used for signs, high-visibility clothing, and more. In the 1930s, Bob Switzer discovered a new luminous paint when he accidentally fell in a dark room. The paint was made of fluorescent minerals that he mixed with wood varnish. He later named the mixture “Day-Glo.” The color was used to make high-visibility jackets for World War II GIs.

Neon is a chemical element that gives off a distinctive orange light. Other gases can produce other colors. The fluorescent properties of neon light make it difficult to create with standard print design techniques.


The psychedelic period was a colorful time in history, characterized by mind-altering drugs. It was coined by British psychologist Humphrey Osmond to describe a period of time when the human mind manifested itself in outer form. As a result, colors that seemed to glow from within emerged on the world stage.

Psychedelic neon colors are particularly popular with nightlife enthusiasts and festival goers. They were common during the 1990s Acid House music scene, when clubgoers would dress in neon and swing glow sticks in the air. Increasingly, these colors have made their way into mainstream home dA(c)cor, and you’ll find neon rave events popping up in festivals and college campuses. In these events, spectators dress in neon colors and glow-sticks in order to give off an ethereal effect.


Despite the popularity of neon colors, this trend has a complicated history. First, it was believed that the use of neon colors had a negative association with the AIDS epidemic. Then, there were reports that these colors had a direct correlation to the disease. However, the CCC has been credited with introducing neon fashion back into the mainstream. Now, urban fashion brands like Urban Outfitters, Kanye West, and American Apparel have revived the trend.

Currently, Colorful Rebellion by Sebastian Masuda is on view at the Kianga Ellis Projects gallery, located at 516 West 25th Street, Studio 306B. The exhibition runs until March 29th. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


The use of neon colors in nightlife has been around for decades. Whether it is neon signs or glow sticks, people have associated the colors with nightlife. However, the meaning of neon is a controversial issue, as it has been suggested that some colors are not appropriate for nightlife. These colors are bright and unnatural, and have many associations, including being associated with excess and reckless behavior.

Neon colors are very bright, and they can easily be seen from a mile away. As a result, they are often used to attract attention in crowded areas. They also make for a striking addition to any home and work well with a variety of color schemes and interior styles. These colors have a long and interesting history, and have been used in everything from signs to clothing since the 1930s.

Excessive fun

Neon colors are associated with nightlife, rebellion, and excess fun. They have a unique appearance and contrast with more intellectual colors. Although the colors are fun, they also represent a fast-paced lifestyle and fast-moving changes. They are most commonly associated with headlines and nightlife.

Noble gas

The name “neon gas” has several evocative meanings. Originally, scientists thought that such gases were chemically inert. However, it was only in the 20th century that the noble gases were discovered. Some are plentiful on Earth and others are extremely rare. Here’s a look at some of these gases.

Neon is a pure gas, and as a result is orange-red in color. However, there are neon signs that are available in other colors, because they don’t contain pure gas neon. These other colors are produced by mixing two or more noble gases. The gases are excited by electricity and give off distinct colors. These gases are used to produce a wide range of colors, such as red, orange and green.

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