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Tips on How to Improve the Value of Your House in Kenya

by William beel

Are you considering selling your house? As a homeowner, your house is a substantial financial asset. Nonetheless, you must be strategic to squeeze the most bucks out of the house. Before even considering how to market the house, you should look for ways to ensure the property is attractive to potential buyers. With the best listing site like Hauzisha, you can get more eyeballs on your house and generate more leads, but only when the photos are irresistible. After capturing the eyes and riving them to your house, how do you keep the potential buyers hooked and receive competitive offers? Let us look at a few straightforward tips to help you improve the value of your house in Kenya.

Routine maintenance

Owning a house is exciting. However, keeping it in top shape is not so much fun, especially since it is not always easy or cheap. If you are the type that only gives the house some love when something goes amiss, you are on a poor run. Routine maintenance facilitates prompt repairs and replacements, which keeps your home in great shape without breaking your bank.

In most instances, the damage has already extended when you realize something is not working as it should. This demands more labor and replacements, making it harder to invest in care that adds value to your home. Stay on your toes and ensure the house is well-maintained, whether you plan to sell soon. This significantly improves the house value, and even with the most thorough inspection, you can rest assured nothing will work against you.

Keep up

Are you still using the illumination scheme you did years back? With the ever-evolving solutions, you need to keep up, especially since buyers are not looking for houses that will demand significant financial commitment to improve. Today, home automation is the norm. You don’t have to go overboard, though. Following your budget, you can upgrade one section at a time since each improves the House in Kenya value to some extent. With energy-efficient lighting, and more advanced security like biometric locks, smoke detectors, and smart thermostats, to mention a few, your house will fetch a better price since it offers better functionality.

Increase functional square footage

You may not use your house’s square footage, but every inch counts. For example, you have an attic that only gathers dust, maybe even storing some forgotten items. Your basement or garage space could also tell the same story. Converting such spaces into usable rooms increases the house value. The attic can be an extra room, the basement an ideal office space, and the garage, could even be turned into a fully functional space you can rent. The more usable square footage the property offers, the higher the value.

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the top points most buyers consider. A kitchen backlash is among the proven hacks that can improve value. Considering the kitchen and bathroom flooring also adds value, and you don’t have to break the bank since you can find affordable peel and stick tiles. Other touch-ups, such as painting or upgrading the cabinet doors and lighting, can turn the space around and significantly improve your House in Kenya value.

Floor and roof

Structural integrity is a huge check, and while the foundation and walls can remain intact for decades with little to no maintenance, the flooring and roofing could use some love. Routine maintenance gives you an edge, but as you consider selling, you need to pay more attention. Cleaning the roof and a fresh coat could significantly improve the value as buyers see it as structurally fit, requiring no significant financial commitment. For the flooring, you can fix the flaws, maybe even consider a peel and stick tile.

Fresh coat

Painting your house is the most effective yet affordable value improvement hack. You can use the paint to mask worn-out parts or freshen up that tired-looking wall. Consider the indoor, outdoor, roofing, doors, and windows. You’d be amazed by how attractive your house looks after a fresh coat, especially with a professional finish. You’ll attract more eyes and automatically generate competitive offers, improving house value.

The curb appeal

How is the outdoor space? If the area is messy, it doesn’t just create an excellent environment for pests like rats. It sticks out like a sore thumb, which exudes the wrong image about the house, affecting its value. Do you have a garden? Make sure it is in top shape. A little landscaping goes a long way, providing an inviting curb appeal. House in Kenya improvements don’t have to cost you a fortune or be physically and emotionally draining. With a few upgrades, proper staging, and a site like Hauzisha, you can easily capture more interest, attract the right buyers, and fetch a reasonable price for your house.

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