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How to Play Drift Hunters on the Go?

by William Beel
Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is an online game that has more than 100 million players. It has many features, including improved quality of continuous encounter and unlocking all dragons. This game is free to play, but requires a substantial amount of time and money to fully enjoy. It’s not for everyone, though. You can find people who play on a daily basis and spend a considerable amount of money. If you want to play Drift Hunters on the go, there are several ways to do so.

Nisan GTR

When you first begin playing Drift Hunters, you might be tempted to buy the most powerful car in the game, the Nissan GTR. However, the game offers you a wide range of options for tuning and customizing your car. You can change the engine parts, weight, and other aspects of your car to increase its performance and look. After you start playing the game, you’ll discover various amazing models, including the Nissan Silvia Spec R.

While choosing a drift car, you’ll need to know how to choose the right camber. The best setup for drifting involves negative camber in the front. This gives you the most heel strike when shifting. Negative camber is usually around five to six degrees. Too much positive camber on the rear is not good either. The rear of your car needs to have proper adhesion to stay on the track.

Nisan Silvia Spec R

A Nissan Silvia Spec R is one of the most popular cars in Drift Hunters. This is the most expensive car in the game and has had great success in the drifting world. It is a great vehicle to own if you are into drifting. If you are looking for a car with the maximum amount of power, then you should try a Nissan GTR. You can also modify your car with performance parts to improve its performance and power.

Unlike the Nissan 350Z, the Silvia is a rear-wheel drive sports coupe with a four-cylinder engine. It has a top speed of 187 mph and is one of the fastest cars in the game. However, it is prone to breaking down during fast-paced events, so if you are a drifting enthusiast, you may want to upgrade your car to get the best performance.

240SX S13

Nissan 240SX S13 drift builds are some of the most popular vehicles for drifting enthusiasts. With a classic coupe shape, pop-up headlights, and modern styling trends, these drift cars are great platforms for enthusiasts to practice and perfect their drifting skills. Although domestic-market 240SX’s are not given turbo charged engines, they have proven to be excellent when mated with forced induction. The 240SX’s KA24E and KA24DE engines are also affordable horsepower sources.

While the 240SX S14 is the younger sibling of the 240SX S13, it is the most popular S-Chassis in the game. While the E30 M3 costs more than ten thousand credits, it’s well worth the price. It is a great vehicle for drifting but will take up most of your initial budget. Afterward, you can consider a Mitsubishi Evo, a RWD-converted version of the Toyota Corolla. This car is the main rival of the Subaru Impreza and is known as the “Stink Eye.”


The Hachi-Roku is a legendary Japanese drifting car. This Japanese car gained worldwide fame when the popular Initial D manga series, which also features the Fujiwara Tofu Shop AE86, featured one of its versions. It is this fame that sparked the desire to translate the original Japanese game into the 3D world. With this game, drifters can experience the thrill of the open road in a whole new way.

Drift Hunters v1.2 is a 3D car driving game that offers the player a chance to earn cash by drifting. The money earned can be used to upgrade or purchase new vehicles. The game is a hit amongst players because it offers realistic drifting physics, numerous driving environments and more ongoing interaction. With more than 100 million players, the game is very addictive and is sure to keep players hooked. While Drift Hunters can be challenging, the game also offers a wealth of rewards for its players. But beware – you will need lots of cash and energy to succeed.

240SX S13’s younger brother

Currently, the S13 Nissan 240SX is considered to be the go-to chassis for drifters. With so many parts available for the car, this chassis is considered by many to be the most accessible for a beginner to drifting. The 240SX is built by Brian Macias and is an excellent choice for a drifting enthusiast. He originally bought the car to drift but has since built it for fun and competition.

Among the vehicles that can be unlocked in Drift Hunters, the 240SX S14 (240SX in Japan) is the most popular. While the 240SX S13 is the most expensive of the S-Chassis cars, the 240SX S14 (known as the 200SX in Japan) is the second most expensive. Both cost a minimum of 12100 credits to unlock.


Mercedes CLA45 for drift hunters is an expensive drift car. It costs around 63300 dollars. If you are a drifting enthusiast, you can recreate the famous Gymkhana series with a CLA45. There are also alternatives, such as the Infiniti G35, a German luxury car that can sideways drift the Mercedes CLA45. Drift Hunters also offer rear-wheel-drive Ford Fiesta ST models.

The CLA45 is one of the best drift cars in Drift Hunters, with over 25 different models to choose from. The game also features car tuning and gorgeous maps. The game also includes a community and is supported by Ilya Kaminetsky, the developer of the game. The CLA45 has minor bugs and is an excellent option for drifting fans. While it may seem like an expensive drift car, it’s actually a great purchase for drift enthusiasts.

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