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Know the Foods to Take and not to Take Under the Invisalign Treatment

by William beel

With Invisalign, you can have the best ever orthodontic treatment without limiting your diet. On the contrary, traditional braces come up with aligners that not only hurt your gum but also need extra care while eating and oral cleaning. In the case of clear braces, there is no chance of food getting stuck in between the braces. However, there are certain dietary habits to adopt during the treatment.

All you have to aim for a beautiful smile which may put you in the question of what to eat during the treatment? And, the answer is- technically it doesn’t matter what you eat and do not eat being under the Invisalign treatment. Since you can remove the aligners and put them back on your teeth, there is no problem in eating the stuff that may damage the aligners. However, to make the overall process hassle-free, orthodontists still recommend certain foods to keep and not to keep in your diet.

Foods to Eat: Since Invisalign requires you to put aligners for 20-22 hours a day, it’s better to remove them only when you are eating the meals. Hence, it is necessary to drink more water and limit the intake of snacks or it’s better to go for less often but healthy snacking. So, here are the foods to intake-

  • Apple: Apples are high in natural sugar and sweet but they are also high in water and fiber content. Your body generates more saliva while eating apples. It helps to remove bacteria from your mouth and remaining food particles as well.
  • Cheese: It is one of the food product which is rich in healthy fats and calcium. According to the studies, cheese not only offers calcium but also increases the body’s pH, which reduces the bacteria that cause tooth decay.  
  • Almonds: If you are looking for a rich source of protein and calcium, then almond could be one of the best choices to get that without fats or lactose. Did you know, the crunch in the almond protects the teeth from the growth of the plaque? So, you can take this amazing food item with milk or solely as a snack.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt can give you a boost of protein and calcium and provide the same benefit as cheese. It can be a part of your healthy breakfast or snacks, as it can provide you the beneficial bacteria, calcium, and protein that your body requires.
  • Onions: If you are looking for a mouth-friendly food, then onions are one of those. Onions contain all the antibacterial properties that are important for your oral health. If you keep the onion in your daily diet, your oral cavities and gum diseases will be at bay. You may or may not like the smell of onion but its cleaning properties will surely convince you to keep in your healthy diet.
  • Carrots: The crunchy texture of the carrots clears the food particles and plaque on the teeth. Eating carrots boost the production of saliva that promotes cleaner teeth. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and fiber that keep the entire body healthy and keep your stomach feel fuller for a long time.

Apart from these few superfoods, leafy vegetables, celery, berries are again a few foods that you can include in your diet to keep your teeth healthy.

Foods Not to Eat: Caring for your teeth is very important since you have to ensure that your teeth are well-positioned to make them appear beautiful. Hence, there are certain foods you need to avoid-

  • Limit Your Coffee Intake: Are you someone who starts the day with a cup of coffee? If yes, then make sure that you won’t include it in all your diet till the mid-morning snacks. Especially, while using Invisalign, it will be a bit problematic if you have to remove the aligners frequently. And, if you decide not to take them off, then your braces will get stained quickly.
  • Say No to Gum: While using Invisalign, try not to chew gum. The adhesion in the gum can affect your orthodontic treatment. If the gum sticks to the aligner, it can damage the aligner easily due to its properties and constant chewing.

Lastly, if you go by the advice of our best Invisalign providers, do not eat with the aligners, as it causes damage, making them prone to cracking. Eating with aligners not only keeps them vulnerable to damage but also makes them messy to clean. And, if you still opt to eat with the aligners then be prepared to clean it immediately after eating. The must-to-do part is wearing Invisalign for 20-22 hours a day. So, you have to plan your drink and snacks accordingly.

Want to know more about the Invisalign treatment and associated dietary and caring plan for your teeth? Schedule your appointment with an Invisalign doctor’s site and know what you need to do while going with Invisalign. 

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