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3 Effective Digital Team Building Activities to Try

by William beel

As the pandemic has disrupte businesses all around the world and several teams have been pushed to operate remotely. Working collaboratively is the aim for any team and with remote team operations it becomes a bit difficult to achieve that. Through the process of digital team building activities UAE or other locations, one can bring remote teams together into working. Often having to work in isolation without the physical presence of the team members can bring a detachment feeling from the team. Therefore, having a negative impact on team spirit and working collaboratively. By executing effective team building efforts virtually, one can regain that bond between the team members. Below we have listed a few digital team building activities that are proven to work. Make sure to try them out for fruitful results.

1.    Blind Origami

If you want to highlight the significance of asking for feedback and listening then this virtual team building activity can help. You just got to arrange the team members in pairs and email origami instructions to one member of the pair. The other member needs to follow the instructions provid over a call by his team member. Make sure the activity is performe overall with a phone call to make it challenging. Once each pair has finished with their origami, they can come back online over video conference to see the result. This exercise can vastly help you understand whether the team members are good at listening and providing correct feedback.

2.   Desert Island Scenario

Need to break the ice between team members? How about trying out the Desert Island scenario game? This is how the game works. The team members will be given a scenario where they need to pick three out of the seven objects available to them on a strand island. Make sure that the objects are challenging so that the team members can apply their critical thinking for making their choice. Split the team in small groups and allow them to collaborate and pick which items they require to take. Once everyone on the team has finish with the discussions, get them in video call and discuss the final outcomes. This activity significantly boosts the team’s effort to work collaboratively.

3.   Build a Story

Want to engage your team members in an activity that requires zero effort from your end? Well, then this build a story activity is just perfect. Get everyone in your team online on a video call and ask the first member in the group to start with an opening line for a story. The consecutive member adds another line to the first one and builds the story for a full context. This activity not only stimulates creativity among team members but also enhances team cooperation.


So, what are you waiting for? If you aim to improve your team for better performance then make sure to engage in these digital team building activities UAE or other locations. Try them out and boost your team for greater performance.

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