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Dragon Rider Soul – A Fantasy Novel Review

by William beel

Dragon Rider: The Dragonrider Soul is a stand-alone novel written by Peter Young. It’s basically a sequel to the earlier Lord of the Rings book, The Fellowship of the Ring. This time, in the story, a warrior named Randel rests after being badly beaten on the battlefield. He is nursed back to health by his friend, Jargon, but when he awakens again, he immediately goes on a quest to find out who betrayed him. This is where the story begins.

This book is an exciting, fast-moving fantasy that many readers will enjoy. One thing that sets this apart from other fantasy series, however, is the unique and wonderful world-building. For someone who doesn’t know much about this realm, this might be boring at first; but, once you immerse yourself in this amazing world, it will all become clear.

I enjoyed this book due to its excellent world-building. The detailed and vivid drawings of the people and places really made me feel like I was visiting those places. The world-building in this book truly set itself apart from other fantasy series I’ve read. The character descriptions are vivid and lifelike.

The characters themselves are interesting and well-defined. Randel, the main character, is described as being a skilled fighter, archer, and magician. He is also one of few people who have the ability to shapeshift (changing into a wolf or horse). This combination of abilities gives him an unusual power among his peers.

The way in which Randel utilizes his powers is also innovative and different from other fantasy writers. Most fantasy authors only show a few of their characters’ powers at a time, letting readers wait until the next installment for them to learn more. However, in The Dragonrider Soul, Randel shows off his powers immediately, and the reader’s only disappointment is that he can’t do much with it. His limited powers give him the freedom to jump into another person’s body if he so chooses, but this could easily backfire if he weren’t careful.

Aside from the engaging and creative world-building, the novel’s fantasy elements are also strong. The magic system, for example, has several intricate workings, and this constantly adds to the tension. The way in which magic functions in this novel is also inventive.

Overall, The Dragonrider Soul is a fantastic novel that doesn’t just rely on traditional fantasy elements to create excitement. Rather, author Robert E. Howard creates a complex, colorful world that keeps the reader guessing. Readers will find themselves reading the second and third books in the series because of how quickly and how thoroughly the first novel sets up events. Readers who enjoy fantasy will enjoy The Dragonrider Soul.

The Dragonrider Soul contains many adventure scenes that are exciting. Readers will feel as if they’re part of the action as they follow the character throughout the book. This book is also full of fantasy, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it might even qualify as a fantasy novel. Although some readers may feel a little unsure about starting a book based on a book so similar to The Lord of the Rings, readers will likely be enthralled by The Dragonrider Soul. If you have enjoyed other Robert E. Howard novels, such as Black Death, this one definitely qualifies as one of your favorites.

This book review will cover some of the major aspects of the book, including the excellent world-building. Readers should understand why the kingdom of Norland is referred to as a “tyrant.” Also, it provides a good background for one of the main characters, an orphaned boy called Danse, who lives with his Uncleurt and Aunt Nelly in their home. The Dragonrider Soul tells the story of the boy’s rescue from a dragon known as Bloodstone, which has taken over the human kingdom. As the story continues, readers get a good look at Danse as he grows into a man of adulthood and realizes that he has a true calling.

The Dragonrider Soul isn’t only a fantasy novel, but also an excellent page-turner. The author provides excellent character descriptions, creating an engaging read. Readers will enjoy this novel’s fast-moving plot, which ends strong. One of the best book reviews of this type available, written by someone who has read the book, commented on it, and provides a positive assessment, states that “With its fast-paced adventure, involving a hero seeking to overthrow an evil force of evil, Dragon Rider is a delightfully entertaining ride.”

A book review by David R. Moore states, “Linda Tye brings together decades of experience, imagination, and art in the fascinating world of dragon-riding with a unique blend of humorous prose. Dragons are magical, mythical creatures with amazing powers. They are the chief characters in this exciting novel. This fantasy thriller is fast-moving and imaginative.”Dragon Rider Soul Search by Michael Connelly

The Dragonrider Soul is probably the most feared of all the Tarot cards. In fact, it’s the second most powerful, after the Ace of Pentacles. It represents an aspect of man’s darker side – that shadowy, dangerous side that lurks just under the surface of ordinary life. If the Tarot were to reveal its secrets, the Ace of Pentacles would be displayed. However, it’s the mystery and the horrifying powers of the Dragon that make this card so compelling.The Ace of Pentacles represents stability and calm under pressure, but only for a time. When the pressure calms, the Dragon rambles on about things a man cannot fathom. He can be funny and entertaining, but can also appear sentimental or even possessive at times.

Sometimes he speaks of longing for something more exciting in life, like a woman or a simple trip across the country. Other times, he speaks of the hopelessness of not having enough to eat, have clothing on, sleep out of doors, and enjoy himself when it comes. The Dragon Rider always seems to enjoy the attention. He often asks people to be his friend and then asks them to stab him in the back. He loves a challenge and will try anything and everything to throw people off their guard and make them fall in love with him. He has no problem lying, stealing, and hurting those who are close to him.

The Ace of Pentacles represents a steady flow of material wealth, but only for a short period of time. This isn’t because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, it’s just that he is so comfortable with the way things are. The Dragon Rider is the type of person who wants to live dangerously, who likes to ride in a speeding car as opposed to walking around a garden in a t-shirt, who uses his imagination far more than he does his physical capabilities, and who always seems to be out to get more. The Ace of Pentacles often represents someone who is already very successful.

The King of Pentacles represents a person who is not afraid to push the envelope but knows that once he does he will come out on top. He sees the opportunity to make something great, to take control of his life, and to do something meaningful. The Ace of Pentacles often represents someone who knows how to get out of any given situation once he’s gotten himself out of it. The Dragon Rider is a dangerous man. He is a hard and smart businessman who loves to see people fall in love with him and then stomp on their feet and laugh at them.

The King of Coins often represents greed, selfishness, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get what you want. He doesn’t think before he acts. The Ace of Coins often represents someone who is self-centered and egotistical. They will go after what they want without thinking if they can get it. The Ace of Pentacles represents someone who is wise and experienced, someone who knows when to hold their tongues and when to bite the bullet.

The Dragon Rider is a master swordsman and rider of the power charger. He is also a respected teacher and mentor. The King of Swords represents power, danger, and the willingness to take extreme measures to achieve your goals. The Ace of Swords is willing to face lifelong consequences in order to protect those that he loves. The Dragon Rider rides on a motorcycle that resembles a dragon and is extremely powerful.

Each one of the five riders has a different trait that will help them overcome lifelong obstacles and become the strong warrior they are meant to be. This classic book, The Dragon Rider, offers guidance and inspiration for young, inexperienced, and adult readers alike. It tells the story of a man who rises above all of the other riders and becomes the strongest, most powerful Rider of all.



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