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Does Propane Freeze When It Gets Too Cool?

by William Beel
Propane Freeze

Propane is one of the most popular types of fuel in the country.  It’s capable of warming homes and cooking food at incredibly even temperatures while using less energy.  Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure what propane is capable of and whether they need to be careful with it when they use it in the winter.

These are the top winter facts about propane every homeowner should know! 

Propane’s Liquid State

Propane is most useful in its gas form.  In this form, it can evenly heat, last longer, and do all of the great work that makes it so useful.  Unfortunately, once it hits its liquid point, at negative 44 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s no longer useful to most people.  Luckily, most people keep their propane tanks inside where they’re never at risk of that happening.

The only time this can really be a risk to someone is if they keep their grill outside and live in a very winter-hit area.  Although you don’t want your grill dripping ice all over your home if you have to bring it in to protect it, it’s better to have a grill in your home than have to waste an entire tank of propane.

Why Use Propane

If you’re nervous about setting up a propane delivery to your home, don’t be!  Propane is one of the best fuels out there because of how smoothly it can heat anything.  This means one level of temperature instead of having to worry about it going up and down and then overcompensating and heating up too much again.

Propane also lasts longer!  It needs less fuel to keep a steady temperature, so in the long run, you can save a lot of money using propane instead of one of the many other types of fuel out there.  

Can It Freeze?

Propane can freeze!  Will it freeze in your yard?  No.  Propane doesn’t freeze until it reaches a temperature of negative 306 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fortunately for us, the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was only negative 128 degrees!  This means it couldn’t possibly freeze.

Unfortunately, if you don’t treat your propane container correctly, or you let it run out entirely before you put more in: water moisture can get into it.  This will make it run out faster and might cause issues with how well it works, but although the water may freeze, your propane will not.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to make sure your propane lasts and does as well as possible, it’s important that you treat it correctly.  To do this, avoid letting your tank run out all the way.  When it gets down to around 5 to 7 percent left, it’s time to get it refilled.  You should also make sure to keep your tank free from any risks of puncture or damage.  If you think your tank has been damaged, even if you can’t see any damage, call your propane supplier before you do anything else.  

Propane Is An Awesome fuel! 

Propane knows how to keep things hot!  If you’re ready to make a swap to a fuel that heats evenly and lasts longer, it’s time to get yourself some propane.

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