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Cynthia Davis Spencer is an American actress and politician. She starred in a number of movies in the 1970s.

She also had a brief relationship with Jerry Jones in the 1990s. According to a lawsuit filed in Dallas County, Jones paid Davis $375,000 to stay silent about their relationship.

Who Was Cynthia Davis Spencer’s Husband?

Cynthia Davis Spencer is a former actress who starred in many movies and television shows. She also has an impressive resume as a producer and executive producer. Her most famous role was that of Amanda Waller in The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker.

She is also known for appearing on various shows such as The First Lady and The Unforgivable. She is also an activist who is involved in constitutional affairs.

Although she is a public figure, her husband was not revealed to the general public. Her husband is Jerry Jones, who is a well-known Dallas Cowboys owner and founder of the Jones Family Ranch.

According to the New York Post, Cynthia and Jerry were engaged in a romantic relationship back in the 1990s. They had a little girl but the American businessman denied being the father of the child publicly. However, he negotiated a confidential settlement with her and provided more than $400k cash. And continuous financial help for the daughter, Alexandra Davis.

Alexandra Davis, who was born in 1996, claims that her mother. And Jerry formed a secret pact to keep their relationship private. They did not tell her about the pact until she became a teenager.

Cynthia and Jerry

During their time together, Cynthia and Jerry were close and had a great relationship. But they were not able to support their daughter with parental affection.

After their relationship ended, they went through a divorce. This caused Alex to believe that her father was not her real father. She later filed a lawsuit against her father, Jerry Jones, which is now ongoing in court.

The lawsuit alleges that Jones paid her mother $375,000 in 1996 to sign a confidentiality agreement. Which prevented her from claiming that he was the biological father of her daughter. The alleged hush money settlement was set up by an Arkansas lawyer. And included two trusts linked to the mother and daughter.

This lawsuit comes after a DNA test determined that Alexandra Davis was not the daughter of her father. It also says that Jones pursued her in 1995. While she was working at an airline ticket counter in Little Rock.

Where Is Cynthia Davis Spencer Today?

Cynthia Davis Spencer is an actress and activist. She works well in a variety of mediums, and she excels in constitutional affairs. Born in November 1959 and is probably around 50-60 years old today.

She had a short relationship with Jerry Jones over twenty years ago. They met while she was working for American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas. The two were drawn to each other and they became romantically involved despite the fact that Cynthia was married.

However, their relationship was short-lived and they eventually separated from each other. After their separation, Cynthia raised her daughter alone with the financial help of Jones.

In 1996, she allegedly agreed to a confidentiality agreement with Jones, which prohibited her from ever starting. That he was her father. He paid her $375,000 in exchange for the silence.

According to ESPN, Davis Spencer’s 25-year-old daughter Alexandra has now filed a lawsuit against Jerry Jones, claiming. That she is his real daughter and that the NFL owner violated the settlement. The lawsuit was filed in a Dallas County court on March 3 and has since been sealed, records show.

Plaintiff’s Attorneys

The plaintiff’s attorneys say that when she was a child, Jones and Davis “courted” each other. And were engaged in a romantic relationship. But, the mother’s lawyers allege that Jones denied she was his daughter.

As a result, she and her lawyer negotiated a settlement with Jones to keep everything quiet. The woman claims that she was going through a divorce at the time and that her finances were a concern.

After a lengthy investigation, we discovered that Jones and Cynthia had a relationship in the 1990s. He denied publicly that he was her father and instead chose to sign a confidential settlement with her.

During the course of that settlement, she received over $400k in cash and continuous monetary support for her daughter. But decades later, her daughter has now alleged that Jones is her biological father.

She is now suing Jones, claiming that he breached the agreement he made with her mother. The Dallas Cowboys owner reportedly paid her $375,000 in 1996 to “court” her. But she says that Jones has never told her that he is her father. She’s also arguing that she never asked Jones for money, but that she should be recognized as his daughter.

What Happened to Cynthia Davis Spencer’s Relationship with Jerry Jones?

Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, an NFL team. He is a controversial figure who has an extensive criminal history. And has been accused of child abuse, but he has also managed to maintain an impressive net worth.

But now, a young woman named Alexandra Davis is seeking to establish that Jerry Jones is her biological father. The 25-year-old has filed a lawsuit against the 79-year-old Jones in order to be recognized as his daughter.

She says that she was born to Cynthia Davis Spencer in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Dec. 16, 1996, and that her mother was estranged from her husband when she met Jones.

According to court documents reviewed by ESPN, Jones pursued her mother and the two began a relationship. When the relationship ended, the couple divorced.

Davis negotiated

After the divorce, Jones and Cynthia Davis negotiated a settlement that paid $375,000 in exchange for confidentiality. In return, the pair agreed to keep their relationship private and never discuss their finances or their family’s circumstances.

The settlement created two trusts for Cynthia Davis and her daughter. In addition to the lump sum payment, Alexandra Davis was to receive monthly, annual, and special funding until she turned 21.

However, Alexandra Davis claims that Jones has rebuffed her attempts to establish her paternity. She has said that she only learned about her father. When she needed an FBI security clearance to work in the White House for a year during President Trump’s administration.

In her lawsuit, she argues that her mother and Jones reached an agreement. That required them to keep their relationship secret in order to provide financial support for their family. The settlement created two trusts that were to be used as a means of avoiding legal liability. And the loss of access to them if they ever tried to prove that Jones was their biological father.

But Alexandra Davis has a difficult time proving that her mother was aware of the terms of the agreement. She has tried to get a copy of the agreement but has been unsuccessful so far.

Who Is Alexandra Davis?

Alexandra Davis is a 25-year-old political professional who is currently working as an aide to US congressman Ronny Jackson. She was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and raised in a Christian household where she was an only child. She attended Baylor University and graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications. Later worked in the President’s White House in the Office of Presidential Correspondence.

She was also a part of the third season of the reality TV show “Big Rich Texas” and is known for her quirkiness and flamboyance. Lives off a trust fund and is known for her no-holds-barred social life.

In 2012, Cynthia and her daughter starred on a reality show that followed five wealthy mother-daughter duos in Dallas-Fort Worth high society. The show aired on the Style Network.

As part of the show, she lived off a trust fund. And spent her time shopping and drinking wine at night.

Southern Methodist University

During her time on the show, she was given a Range Rover, a $33,000 party, and nearly $50,000 in vacations. She was also paid for her full tuition at Southern Methodist University.

On March 3, 2022, she filed a lawsuit against Jones, claiming that he is her biological father. And that he bound her family to secrecy when he began an affair with her mother in the mid-1990s. The suit claims that the Cowboys owner agreed to pay her mother $375,000 in exchange for her silence about his identity as her father.

According to court documents, Jones organized two trusts for Davis in Arkansas. Where she was living and working at the time. The younger Davis was to receive lump sum payments when she turned 21, 26, and 28.

The settlement between Jones and Spencer Davis also reportedly required. That she keeps quiet about her father’s identity for the rest of her life. The younger Davis only disclosed her father’s identity to the FBI for security clearance for work in the Trump White House.

In addition to her job at Pilgrims’ Friend Society, Davis has also been a part of several non-profit organizations. That promotes diversity and unity in the Miramar community. She has also served on various boards and committees within the City of Miramar. Including the Planning and Zoning Board, Community Services Board, and Education Board.

Cynthia Davis Spencer

Cynthia Davis Spencer is an American actress and constitutional activist. She has been involved in a number of civil rights movements over the years.

She had a short relationship with Jerry Jones in the 1990s. They had a child, Alexandra, but the Dallas Cowboys owner denied fathering her publically.

Who is Cynthia Davis Spencer?

Cynthia Davis Spencer is a civil rights leader who helped organize the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. She also helped to organize the 1964 Selma Voting Rights Movement in Alabama. Her life and work were an inspiration to many people in the United States.

She is best known for her activism on behalf of the civil rights of women and children. Her dedication to the cause helped make America a more just place for everyone.

In 1995, Cynthia met Jerry Jones while she was working for American Airlines at the Little Rock airport in Arkansas. They dated and soon had a daughter, Alexandra Davis.

According to court documents obtained by ESPN, Jones paid $375,000 in a settlement agreement that kept him from being publicly identified as Davis’ father, while providing ongoing financial support. In addition, Davis claims he provided her with a variety of other services, including medical care and education.

Life In Secret

Since then, Davis has lived a life in secret. She has not been able to tell anyone who her father is, and she fears that her mother may lose financial support if she does so.

As a result, she has fought to break the terms of the confidentiality agreement that she and her mother agreed to when she was a child. She wants to be recognized as the biological daughter of Jerry Jones, and she has asked for a court order that frees her from the agreement and allows her to reveal her father’s name to others.

In a lawsuit filed on Monday, Davis seeks to remove the confidentiality agreement that she and her mother signed when she was born and acknowledge that Jerry Jones is her biological father. She also claims that the Dallas Cowboys owner has provided her with monetary support on numerous occasions, and she asks the court to confirm that Jones is, in fact, her father.

The court case is still underway, and more details are expected to be revealed as the trial proceeds. The judge in the case has ordered Jones to release records of his alleged payments to Davis, but they have yet to be made public.

What Happened Between Cynthia and Jerry Jones?

In 1995, a woman named Cynthia Davis met Jerry Jones while working as an American Airlines ticket counter agent in Little Rock, Arkansas. They got together and began to date. However, their relationship was rocky. Eventually, they divorced in 1996.

During that time, Alexandra Davis was born. Her mother, who was then married to another man, agreed to a settlement with Jerry Jones, which stipulated that she would not publicly reveal that he was her father.

This was done because the Dallas Cowboys owner had a close relationship with her mother. The agreement, signed in 1998, said Jones would pay her a lump sum of $375,000 and also provide ongoing financial support.

The money was supposed to be in two trusts, with the first one providing monthly and annual funding until Alexandra turns 21, according to court documents obtained by ESPN. The second one was a special fund for emergencies, such as medical costs and lost wages.


In addition to the money, the settlement was supposed to keep Jones’ paternity a secret. The woman, who is now 25, said that she was legally bound by the stipulation because her mother signed it when she was only one year old.

As a result of this stipulation, she is now being sued by the billionaire Cowboys owner and his lawyers. She claims that Jones and his friends, including lawyer Donald Jack, negotiated a deal with her to exchange money for silence.

That deal reportedly came at the end of a long court battle that started when she was just a baby. She was allegedly conceived out of wedlock and genetic testing revealed that she did not have a biological father.

After that, she said that her mother, Cynthia Davis, and Jerry Jones remarried to hide their financial support. Then, when she was a teen, she appeared on a reality show called Big Rich Texas with her mother and her daughter.

The reality show featured a series of wealthy women and their daughters, with Cynthia and her daughter appearing as single moms living off a trust fund. After the show, she reportedly began to receive financial help from Jerry Jones, though she never publicly disclosed that he was her father.

Where Could Cynthia Davis Spencer Today be?

In light of a new report by the New York Post, Cynthia, and Jerry Jones were involved in a brief romance back in the 1990s. They even had a child, but the American businessman denied fathering her publicly, opting instead for a secret settlement with the woman and giving her more than $400k in cash and continued monetary support for decades.

According to the report, Alexandra Davis is claiming that her mother, Cynthia Davis Spencer, is Jerry Jones’ biological daughter. As of now, the case is ongoing and more details are likely to be revealed as the trial moves forward.

As per the reports, Jerry Jones and Cynthia were attracted to each other and they met during their time working for American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas. The two were involved in a romantic relationship despite the fact that the lady was married at the time.

Later on, the couple decided to divorce. At that point, the woman isolated herself from her partner and raised their daughter by herself with monetary assistance from Jerry Jones.

Information Is Available

While no information is available on the Internet, it is likely that she is still alive and living in Texas with her daughter. It is also possible that she works for U.S. Representative Ronny Jackson in the same region.

Since the news of this relationship went viral, people from all over the world are curious about where this woman could be today. They are also searching for the answers to the questions, ‘Where Is Cynthia Davis Spencer?’ and ‘Where is her daughter Alexandra?’

Cynthia was born on 23rd November 1959 in the United States. She is a constitutional performer who excels in multiple mediums.

Initially, she was a member of the Legislative Assembly in Missouri. She contested 19 district seats in the state.

Then she became an actress and was part of several 1970s films. She also worked as a singer.

After this, she formed a romantic relationship with Jerry Jones and got their band in the mid-90s. This relationship has brought her a lot of fame and money.

Why is Alexandra Davis Trending?

Cynthia Davis Spencer is a Texas-based constitutional performer who is known for her work in the mediums of theater, TV, and film. She is also a political activist and a member of the Constitutional Performance Society, an organization that focuses on advancing the principles of the American founding documents.

She was born in November 1959 and has a daughter named Alexandra Davis. She first gained attention in 2012 when she appeared on the final season of Big Rich Texas, a reality show that focused on five women and their daughters as they took on the social scene in North Texas.

After her daughter’s story went viral, Cynthia Davis Spencer became trending on Twitter. She’s a controversial figure, but many people have a lot of sympathy for her.

According to reports, she had a short relationship with Jerry Jones back in the 1990s and conceived their daughter. They later reached a settlement that established financial support for her and her daughter. It called for a lump sum payment of $375,000 and a trust fund that provided funding until she turned 21.

Identity Of Her Father

The lawsuit claims that the agreement was made without her consent and that it is void. It also argues that the agreement requires her to keep quiet about the identity of her father, which is not something she can do.

Her attorneys want the court to find that she is not legally bound by the agreement and that she does not have to comply with any of its requirements if she were to prove that Jerry Jones is her father. She also wants the court to rule that she is not obligated to continue paying her mother for financial support under the terms of the agreement.

Despite her lawsuit, it is unlikely that the court will revoke the agreement. However, it will decide whether or not to enforce the agreement and if so, how much money she will have to pay Jerry Jones.

The Associated Press was unable to view the court documents because they were temporarily sealed until a hearing on Jones’ request to keep them sealed. Jones’s personal spokesman Jim Wilkinson declined to comment on the case.

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