Custom Tuck Boxes

Tuck Boxes for All Your Shifting and Recycling Needs

Tuck Boxes 

Most commonly we are familiar with tuck boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Tucks are boxes stacked on top of each other, similar to an accordion. The tuck boxes are also referred as stackable boxes, corrugated boxes, or pallets. We believe that companies whether big or small, with appropriate and beautiful packaging since it not only helps maintain goods safe but can also maximize the company’s marketing efforts.

Different Types and Shapes

Customization is the key word in custom tuck boxes, they come in so many different types and shapes. We are talking about round, oval, hexagon, oblong, cube and even sphere-like shapes. You can choose from flat finish or embossed finish. The box could be made of wood, cardboard, or even fabric; whichever you think will go best with your overall advertising message. With the wide array of shapes, now you can customize your packaging easily by choosing the right material.

Custom Tuck Boxes 

Customized designs have become popular and that is why custom tuck boxes come with a letter or number pattern options. You can either engrave a name of the company, a logo, message or symbol, or combine both options. The quality of the box is not only determined by the materials used but by the method of manufacturing. Boxes with glossy or matte finish are preferred by some over others. Some companies opt for UV coating over another or custom tuck boxes made of recycled content.

Printing Methods

There are several printing methods and colors to choose from. One of the most popular in this field is digital printing. Companies can use color schemes to promote their business identity. The quality of the printed material will also determine how effectively the branding is presented. In general, black text on a white background is considered to be the most effective. The choice of color schemes will depend on the overall branding image that a company wants to portray.

Customizing Packaging Companies 

Another way of customizing packaging companies is through the use of foil printing. Colors can be chosen to suit the preferences of the clients. Custom tuck boxes with embossed designs or foil accents are among the most popular options. The boxes can either be plain, embossed, or reflective. The reflective styles are best for food products, while the plain style is ideal for medical or health products. When it comes to packaging, texture is also another factor to consider.

Packaging Options 

A company can make use of special paper for packaging. Some firms offer 100 percent cotton packaging which is great for sports goods. The foam inserts offered by many companies to help reduce shipping costs considerably since the foam is insulating. A custom tuck boxes manufacturer can customize different packaging options according to the customer’s specifications.

Other packaging options include flat or stacked card stock packaging. These options are popular because they offer low shipping costs and high customization options. Some custom packaging firms use high quality film for packaging, which offers excellent protection against moisture. Some creative packaging outfits specialize in offering wooden or laminated boxes, which make for attractive packaging materials.

Tuff Crate and Kraft Tuff Top Boxes

Tuff Crate and Kraft Tuff Top Boxes are some of the popular options. Cardboard and nylon cube packaging solutions are also offered by some companies. Customized bubble wraps are among the various styles used for packaging purposes. When it comes to custom sizes, companies have the option of offering standard, super large, extra large, or oversized sizes.

Premium Quality Boxes 

Custom embossing is another option that a custom tuck box company may offer. Premium quality boxes with embossed lettering are perfect for special products. Some of the popular embossing styles include: foil stamping, die cutting, lamination, magnetic ink, embossing, and thermographic embossing.

Custom Tuck Packaging Boxes 

Custom tuck packaging boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. Custom tuck boxes can be customized with different labeling options such as full-color labels, die cuts, slip case covers, corner pieces, corner logo labels, or snap out labels. The premium quality boxes come with anodized edges. This enables the boxes to be sorted effectively and the correct item can be identified without difficulty. Some packaging firms also offer customized inner liners in order to provide extra protection to the tuck components.

Tuck Box Packaging 

Tuck box packaging is created using high-quality corrugated cardboard stock. The boxes are then packed with premium quality polystyrene foam. A tuck top snap bottom is fitted onto the cardboard stock to enable easy lifting. Custom tuck packaging boxes are made of high quality cardboard stock and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They are ideal for storing all types of goods and are long-lasting.