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Choosing a Jeep Gladiator Camper Platform

by William beel

If you’re looking to take your jeep gladiator camper on the road and go on a camping trip, you’re going to want to invest in a good platform camper top. Not only can a platform camper top add a lot of room to your vehicle, but it can also help protect your paintwork from the elements, which is an absolute must if you’re planning to drive in hot climates.

OVRLND Campers

If you’re looking for a Jeep Gladiator camper, there are several options out there. Some manufacturers have designed a camper specifically for the Gladiator, but many others have taken an existing truck camper platform and adapted it to fit the Jeep. The following is a look at a few of these models.

For the most part, these camper shells are lightweight and can be mounted on top of the bed of your Gladiator. Because of this, they’re great for off-roading, but they also have plenty of space inside.

Aside from being a great camping solution, the shell can hold up to 300 pounds of dry weight, which is enough to support the suspension of the Gladiator. You can also mount aftermarket solar panels on the roof.

Alu-Cab’s canopy camper is a fantastic choice for the Gladiator. It’s made from dual-layer canvas, which provides excellent thermal insulation. In addition to being easy to install, the canopy camper also comes with an Anderson SB50 plug and solar pre-wire.

OVRLND’s pop-top jeep gladiator camper shell is another great option. They’re built to fit on top of the bed of your Jeep Gladiator. Their interiors are easy to customize and have vertical walls, making it easy to mount accessories.

While the roof of this particular model has a 5-foot standing height, it can be used as a cargo rack for kayaks. It also comes with a full-width flip-down table on the rear access door.

AT Overland Summit

AT Overland is launching a new truck-top jeep gladiator camper that is specifically designed for the Jeep Gladiator pickup. It’s called the Summit(TM), and it’s designed to be an easy-to-use, portable and durable shelter.

The Summit features a custom window arrangement that offers ample visibility and protection from the elements. Plus, the truck topper’s aluminum structural components provide additional strength.

With the Summit, you’ll get an eight-foot-by-six-foot cabover that’s insulated with 1-inch thick honeycomb composite panels. When closed, the roof can support up to 600 pounds of evenly distributed weight. There is a 3-inch gap between the cabover and the top, making it easy to remove Freedom Top panels, and also allows the installation of a steel camp table.

The interior of the Summit features carpeting and insulation. In addition, you’ll receive a full mobile kitchen and 12-volt outlets. Alternatively, you can choose to add optional solar panels, bed stiffeners, bug screens, and a rear lift gate.

The Summit’s pop-up walls feature fire-retardant Sunbrella fabric. This is a good example of a “wow factor,” a term used to describe something that you just can’t find in a regular tent.

Other amenities include a skylight, 12V connections, and a locking rear lift gate. You can also configure the Summit with cabinets and refrigerators.

You can even add a triple-bar roof rack, forced-air heating, and other equipment. As for pricing, the Summit starts at $8,900. But with more options, the price begins to rise.

Go Fast Camper Platform Camper

If you have a new or old Jeep Gladiator, you may want to consider a Go Fast Camper Platform. While these campers aren’t cheap, they do have a few features that you may find helpful.

The main thing that you’ll want to keep in mind about the Go Fast Platform is the low-profile design. This helps preserve gas mileage. It also provides a nice amount of standing room inside.

Another great feature is the removable floor. This allows you to use the truck bed for other purposes, such as a remote work desk or cooking area. Similarly, you can open the platform at will, which is a great option if you need to access the bathroom.

Go Fast Campers is a relatively new company, but they are proving to be a hit. They’re making some of the lightest and most durable wedge campers on the market. However, they still have some serious competition.

For example, the Go Fast Superlite is the lightest hardshell RTT on the market, according to the manufacturer. That’s because it’s constructed with a unique extruded aluminum frame.

There are other features that you might be interested in, such as the 270-degree awning that can wrap around the Platform. This is particularly beneficial if you plan on using the roof to store kayaks. Also, it can provide some protection from strong winds.

Super Pacific Switchback X1

Super Pacific is a Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer of production campers. The Switchback X1 is a unique take on the traditional truck bed camper. For a modest price of $13,995, you’ll get a premium commercial-grade tent, an Exped Megamat LW+ mattress, a removable bed platform, and a 12-volt power source. With a plethora of available accessories, your jeep gladiator camper can be customized for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Located in the aforementioned Portland metro area, the Super Pacific facility is a no-nonsense industrial space. They were founded a little over a year ago and have a long backlog of orders. A visit to their site will reveal all sorts of details. From a photo gallery of in-progress shots to the specs of their products, you’ll have no trouble figuring out exactly what’s in store for you.

In addition to a well-stocked showroom, the Switchback X1 boasts a number of other features, including a removable bed platform that offers 20 inches of additional storage. This makes it a great option for hauling heavy stuff. And, a six-speed manual transmission will keep the fun in your jeep gladiator camper rolling.

As a final touch, the Switchback X1 offers a large, high-center-located LED third brake light. Designed to be resistant to constant vibrations, the LED lights are a cool and clever touch. Another novelty of the camper is its M6 threaded bosses. These provide a convenient way to attach accessories, such as tent poles and awnings.

ECO Rover Campers Truck Topper

If you’re looking for a truck topper for your Jeep Gladiator, there are some great options out there. Four Wheel Campers, for example, is currently taking orders for their new “Project M” camper. This is an ultra-light model designed for off-roading enthusiasts.

There are two different sizes, a “standard” model for mid-sized trucks and an “XL” model for full-size trucks. Both models are available in gloss black, gloss gray, or gloss red. The Project M comes with a one-piece aluminum roof, aluminum siding, and gloss khaki.

ECO Rover Campers are built in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. These pop-up campers feature a locking flip-style rear hatch and marine-grade canvas. They also have a privacy panel that prevents passersby from seeing inside.

For the “standard” model, the base weight is around 400 pounds. It has a five-foot-long bed that fits in a mid-sized short-bed truck.

For the “XL” model, the bed can be added to a full-sized long-bed truck. In addition, you can choose from eight-foot beds. This increases the overall cost and will require you to pay for shipping.

There are four windows and a door. You can also opt for a kitchen kit. The kit comes with cabinets, a sink, and additional equipment. One of the nice things about this model is that it’s made with a Transform-A-Floor modular floor system.

With a payload rating of 1,700 pounds, the Rubicon model is ideal for off-roading adventures. However, it may need some weatherproofing.

Go Fast Camper, Platform Topper

The GFC Platform Topper is a versatile truck topper that can be transformed into a cabana in seconds. This new truck shell is built with a translucent honeycomb roof that allows natural light to filter in and heat to escape. It also provides total security.

With a dry weight of just 300 pounds, the Platform Topper will fit the suspension of the Jeep Gladiator. However, it may require a special mounting kit.

Aside from the roof, the Platform Topper has a translucent honeycomb panel to provide more light inside the Jeep gladiator camper. In addition, there are windows to improve security and privacy. Even the rearview mirror is now included.

The truck shell hangs aluminum panels from a billet hardware-reinforced tubular aluminum space frame. These panels are then secured with proprietary clamps.

Go Fast Campers uses ultra-lightweight aluminum extrusions for their campers. They are designed to be easy to install and remove.

Besides its lightweight design, Go Fast Campers offers an extensive selection of accessories. Some of these include wind skids and cross bars. You can also purchase fitted sheets for the mattress. Moreover, you can even install solar panels on the roof.

The company is based in Montana and supports Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan trucks. If you’re interested in ordering a platform topper, you can contact them through their website or order form. There is a non-refundable deposit of $500 before you can receive the final price.

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