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Bowling in Auckland: The City’s Best Bowling Clubs

by William beel

As one of the world’s most popular sports, bowling has reached a fever pitch in the past few years. With the addition of dedicated lanes popping up in unexpected places, you can now bowl at pretty much any alley in the world. There are so many places to bowl these days that even the locals have started to take notice. If you’re a fan of the foot’ version of the sport, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best bowling clubs in the city of Auckland.

The Phoenix Bowling Club

This is one of the city’s oldest bowling clubs, with a history dating back to the late 1930s. Opened as a social club by the name of The Phoenix’, its members quickly discovered that bowling was a popular pastime. Today, they’ve been joined by many other bowlers who share the club’s diverse range of activities. They include billiards, table tennis, snooker, and chess. There’s also a bar and restaurant on site. You can bowl on 11 dedicated lanes, or you can take part in one of the other sports on offer. There’s even a Cricket for Couples’ lane on site, so couples can commit to each other while bowling.

Hucclecote Bowls Club

If you’re in the mood for something more upscale, the Hucclecote Bowls Club is for you. Founded on a picturesque estate near Auckland City, the club has a lush, manicured lawn and a stupendous view of the city. The members here are of a decidedly more refined bent. They’ve come to bowl to enjoy the club’s many activities. Those activities include croquet, lawn bowls, badminton, table tennis, and of course, a bar and restaurant.

The Kingsmen Bowling Club

A bowling club named after a famous New Zealand rugby team? As if that wasn’t crazy enough, the Kingsmen is right in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. That means it’s the perfect spot to meet up with friends after work. You can also bowl here after a busy lunch or dinner. The Kingsmen is one of Auckland’s most established bowling auckland clubs. It was founded way back in 1953, and today it offers several activities to keep members busy. They include pool, darts, table tennis, snooker, and a bar.

Mission Bay Bowls Club

Another club with a view for a name, the Mission Bay Bowls Club is a member-owned facility located right on Auckland’s famous waterfront. It was founded in 1921, making it one of the oldest bowling auckland clubs. Bowlers here have access to 11 dedicated lanes, or they can try one of the other activities on offer. There’s a restaurant and bar, as well as a putting green. Mission Bay Bowls Club also hosts several tournaments throughout the year, so it’s a great place to meet like-minded bowlers.

Eden Park Bowls Club

Eden Park Bowls Club may be based in the heart of Auckland, but this is definitely a city-bowl club. It’s located inside the iconic New Zealand rugby stadium. If you’re a fan of the sport, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better venue.

Newmarket Bowling Club

This is the newest addition to Auckland’s club scene. It was opened in 2017 in a former bowling alley in the eastern suburbs of the city. Newmarket Bowling Club is the perfect place to bowl if you don’t like traveling too far. It’s also the perfect spot to meet up with friends after work or school.

Bowen Hills Bowling Club

Bowen Hills Bowling Club is located just outside the heart of Auckland in the suburb of Pukekohe. If you’re looking for somewhere to bowl in the western suburbs, this is your best bet. The club was founded in 1982, and it’s one of Auckland’s most popular bowling clubs. It’s also one of the most affordable bowling clubs in the city.


There’s no doubt that bowling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see it spreading its legs in New Zealand too. If you’re looking for somewhere to bowl, we’ve got a list of the best bowling clubs in Auckland for you to peruse. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, we’ve got a spot that fits your needs.

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