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Fix Bluehost Login Failures

by William beel

Is Your Bluehost Login Working

Your Bluehost login is working? Is it working for you or are you getting a lot of “Please help. I can’t connect to the internet” errors? you’re not alone with these kinds of problems. You probably had your IP address changed recently (hopefully by yourself, to reduce your risk). This article will explain how to get rid of your old Bluehost login and use the secure, trusted, reliable, and free web hosting directory instead.

Let’s first discuss why we might have made a recent login attempt to our email account. A quick check of the IP address in your web browser showed that it’s currently located in Chicago. If you live in another area, but want to keep your old IP address. You can still use the secure, free, and anonymous web-hosting directory in Chicago. Bluehost is an established managed dedicated server hosting option. It offers reseller, dedicated, or VPS web hosting, dedicated planning, and WordPress blog hosting. After checking the current IP address and location of our old IP we checked to see if it was still working.

Installation Process

A couple small but important details needed to complete the installation process: username and password. We clicked the create new user (log in) button and chose the username “root” and then hit the enter key twice. When a password was asked for, we again chose “root”. Finally, we clicked the install new scripts button and the installation process was started on our new IP address.

During the installation process, we saw two very important messages: one from our cPanel and one from our email account. The cPanel message said that we had insufficient access to our email account because we were using a default userid. It looked like our old IP was trying to get our email account so we clicked the Save tab and cancelled the login attempt. An error message was shown saying “You have attempted to create your userid but you are not logged in as root”.

LD QUO” error

When we clicked the Show/Reconnect icon, we got another ldquo installation error: “LD QUO [root] is not available”. What was happening was that our old IP address had simply been replaced by our new host’s IP. In other words, our old IP was simply being re-routed to our new IP. This is called a “redirect” in network lingo and simply means that something happened that caused your IP address to change. This was definitely a big problem which caused us to be unable to log in to our Bluehost login.

Two other symptoms presented themselves: we were getting a series of ” LD QUO” errors. Getting a message about “LD QUO is not a trusted host”, when in actuality, it wasn’t. The second problem was more serious than the first one above. It basically meant that cPanel had issued a wrong login failure code, instead of a regular ” LD QUO is not a trusted host” message. The second problem resulted in us being unable to log into our Bluehost login! It means that we had to contact Bluehost support and arrange for them to redirect our IP address again, or else we would have to get a new hosting package, since our current provider was unwilling to change our IP address.

IP and Security Setup

After looking at the IP logs I found out that it was indeed the case that our IP had been changed without our consent and knowledge. Two other things happened: one, we hadn’t been told that we had to enter our username and password before being able to login. Two our IP address had been used by another person before. I immediately instructed my staff to change the passwords of all computer users. Institute a strict new password policy that requires people to use their full names. I also informed all of my staff members, and all of the other clients, that if they are ever required to change their passwords on their own, they should do so with my approval.

There are still two problems left. The most serious of the two is that we have to contact our hosting company, which will almost certainly require a review of our security setup. We’ll also need to get a refund from Bluehost (which could take a week or two), because their customer support is poor at best. Thankfully, these problems are resolved. Now all we can do is focus on the rest of our lives.

How I Managed to Configure My Bluehost Login to Allow Auto Responders

Recently I had to do some changes in my Bluehost blog site. One of them was to change the login password. We had no idea how to go about changing the password but I had to get it done because I found out that the old one was too easy to crack. I changed it anyway and then I forgot about the change.

And I started getting some weird problems on my computer when I tried to log in to my Bluehost main account. First of all, there were lots of pop up boxes that were not displaying the usual text I usually see on my computer screen. Then I tried to access the “Change” option from the main menu but I had no success. The options weren’t there anymore. They were only a few links and I couldn’t get through them.

we started to get worried because it was beginning to look like I wasn’t going to be able to change my Bluehost login any time soon. Now I started to get really frustrated and I began to wonder if I should move my domain. I decided to go ahead and try to get started with a different web hosting provider. I tried out GoDaddy.

cPanel and Bluehost Login

I immediately noticed the differences between my Bluehost login and my cpanel hosting account via cpanel. I also noticed that I got a ton more pop up ads. But I didn’t have to worry about those because GoDaddy was a much better service. They provided me with much better customer support. I just couldn’t believe that I got so much better service than I was used to. Now I don’t have to deal with the problems that I was having while using my main account password.

After I had everything setup, I needed to find a way to change my username and password. Luckily, cPanel has some great tools that allow me to easily do this. One of the best tools is called ChangeMyUsernames. This is a WordPress plugin that provides a simple step by step process to change my username and password. It’s very easy to use and it makes it very convenient to login to Bluehost Web Hosting from my blog.

cPanel is the ability to automatically receive emails on my bluehost login

I also like how I can use my username and password throughout the various websites that I use. Since I can log into my various websites through my username and password. I don’t have to remember multiple usernames and passwords. That’s a huge time and energy saver. Instead of having to think about remembering different usernames and passwords for every website, I can use the free 1-click installs from cPanel. That means that I can save myself a lot of time in the future.

Another major advantage that I got from cPanel is the ability to automatically receive emails on my bluehost login. It is an amazing piece of software that allows me to receive all kinds of automatic updates on my email account. I can configure the software to send me any special message or update whenever I want. That way I never miss a beat as I am always up-to-date with what’s going on at my web hosting provider. I especially love the integration between cPanel and Spamasse. The simplicity of using my username and password throughout the various websites I use is a major time and energy saver. I highly recommend cPanel to any business that requires me to login to access their free e-mail client. The cPanel has made webmail using the free e-mail client much more convenient for me.

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