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An Alluring Technology to Enhance Your Aesthetic EHR Practice

by William Beel
Aesthetic Pro

Aesthetic Pro is a comprehensive EHR that helps healthcare professionals establish new practices, improve practices, and grow their businesses. It is an ideal suite for the aesthetician, dermatologist, and laser hair removal specialist.

What is Aesthetic Pro Software?

Aesthetics Pro Software is a web-based program specifically designed to serve health spas, wellness centers for medical aesthetic specialty clinics, and tattoo parlors. In 2008, USA-based support experts helped thousands of customers optimize AethesticPro to meet unique business needs and provided the spot training.AethesticPro Support Team averages a 98% First call resolution year over year. It’s a Cloud-based, HIPPA compliant, and all-in-one fully integrated complete business management solution.

AethesticPro Support Team averages a 98% First call resolution year over year. It’s a Cloud-based, HIPPA compliant, and all-in fully integrated complete business management solution that helps users to streamline their processes and provides the security of a platform to communicate with their customers while keeping their information secure.

Does AethesticPro is an EHR Software?

Aesthetic Pro is a SaaS product that addresses all facets of a business, including booking and scheduling, EHR and E-records, merchant services, and marketing campaigns and management.

Aesthetics Pro allows users to save all information about clients in HIPAA-compliant charts. Users can sign in via the device they are using and then access their records from any place.

The Software also provides marketing management that allows users to monitor leads and create targeted emails to encourage the purpose of acquiring customers. The users can also connect the Software with a call center solution and assign staff to monitor leads from marketing.

Using the accounting module, users can produce real-time and up-to-date profit and sales reports to make informed choices regarding their handling of customers’ procedures.

It helps manage staff and allows users to control employee timesheets and payroll, commissions, and tips. With calendars for staff, employees can control staff scheduling and avoid overbooking.

Aesthetic Pro Features

It is equipped with numerous options like managing employees and patient portals and managing marketing, patients and lead management digital records, scheduling, and many more. Some of them we have tried to elaborate on here, ie.

Client Management

This allows you to manage your clients effortlessly, all in one place. View E-Records charts, notes photographs before and after, and purchase history invoices. Outstanding balances and remaining services in a single client profile.


It permits medical professionals to transmit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies. Numerous states have either passed or enacted E-Prescribing requirements that have affected the cosmetics industry while directly impacting providers who prescribe controlled medications to patients. E-Prescribe allows medical specialists to prescribe all kinds of drugs to patients, decreasing errors and improving efficiency. In software, E-Prescribe feature is safe and cloud-based, and it is HIPAA compatible and runs with any device.

Service Management

Its powerful client reporting and business performance analysis tools allow you to gather data for every aspect of your business to provide an extensive overview of your spa. Reports are generated according to the location, search criteria, and date ranges using visuals and can be saved in MS Excel format.

Reporting & Insights

It is easy to book appointments online with the latest appointment booking software. Plan and record your appointments according to service, equipment, and room—link resources to services to ensure rapid and efficient scheduling and management of resources. Check and update appointment confirmations or utilize an automated tool for an email confirmation.

Workflow triggers can trigger the creation of E-Records and EMRs when an appointment is made to improve workflow and user experience—improved customer experience by using our client tools, giving your clients self-service access to an online booker for appointments, looking over invoices, appointments, and purchase information, paying towards an outstanding balance (merchant integration is required), and updating contact details. Clients can also complete digital medical forms anytime, anywhere.

EMR, E-Records Management & Form Creator

The most effective medspa management software has built-in electronic records management. The HIPAA Cloud-compatible client program permits you to improve your workflow and customer experience by designing your custom interactive forms. If you select from our pre-designed forms or ask for help from our development experts, we have the top spa appointment scheduling software in your hands.

Ask for a Demo

The Software is admirable for its live Online services and knowledge base Webinars. In addition, they also offer a free trial, so what are you waiting for? Book a scheduled Demo right now.


Overall reviews show that customer service is so far has been great, the Software is more affordable it is serving great in its price.

Aesthetics Pro is straightforward to implement, especially compared to the other aesthetic EMR. This makes it more prominent among others.

It is highly efficient and it has reduced the workload to half. Its navigation system is extremely easy.

Marketing and patient portals can be more user-friendly. Moreover, an application for mobiles will be a plus.


It’s tricky to find a product in the market that performs all the functions a medspa needs to fully integrate and operate smoothly. We believe that when compared to other products, Aesthetic Pro has all the elements.

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