11 Must-Have Marketing Tools For Beginners

If you have a business idea and have launched a company, that is an excellent achievement. However, it is just the first step in your entrepreneurship journey. You have to work hard to put your company on the map and make it a solid contender in the Marketing Tools. This is only possible if you carry out well-planned marketing activities. Marketing efficiently can make all the difference for a start-up.

Select best according to your needs

Of course, not everyone is a marketing guru. You may feel confused about marketing strategies and budgeting, but don’t worry! There are numerous tools available that will help you market your product effectively. Usually, all you need to use them is a decent internet connection, like the one you’d get with Spectrum bundles. You won’t need special skills or experience to operate these tools, and they will make your life much easier. Check out a few of these, and see which ones will work best for your needs!


This is one of the most thorough marketing tools available. You can create campaigns, track analytics, post blogs, and even create automated email campaign flows on Hubspot. It has the right mechanisms for businesses of all sizes. So, if you’re just starting out and don’t have any employees yet, this will make things easy for you. All you need to do is subscribe for its various services, and you’ll have a marketing suite at your disposal.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the prime analytics tool out there. Its data insights go into the deepest details to give you an exact picture of your performance. Its audience analytics also help you figure out the best targeting practices. Furthermore, as it tracks audience behavior and traffic sources on your pages, you can plan your content as well.


Email campaigns can be quite arduous with the number of people you have to send them to. The standard amounts can reach thousands or even millions, so you can’t just send emails manually. MailChimp lets you create automated email flows to run effective campaigns on a large scale.


SEO plays a key role in ensuring your website gets the right exposure. Therefore, you need to know the right keywords to use and also need to be familiar with your competitors’ strategy. Ubersuggest lets you do that, and lets you improve your backlink profile as well. This means that your SEO ranking will improve and your business will be in the top search results on Google.


The key to successful marketing strategies is effective planning and thorough knowledge of what is going on. Trello is an excellent Kanban-style tool that lets you make plans easily. You can also share and assign tasks to others and track their progress. This will help you keep an eye on how things are going.


No one wants to go through the hassle of sending large files through external devices or slow email uploads. DropBox eliminates this issue by letting you have a common file database that your teammates can also access. You can easily control who can see which file and can share quite large ones as well. In addition, you can use both the desktop and mobile apps to have access to all your files on the go.


In the initial stages of your business, you should look into hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees for subsidiary marketing tasks. These tasks include graphic design, content writing, and editing. If you’re only running a few introductory campaigns, you might not want to hire full-time employees.

Upwork has a large database of freelancers who you can hire for these jobs. This lets you keep your overhead costs low and lets you test out the different design and writing styles as well.


Fiverr is another freelancing haven. You can put up jobs there and have freelancers work on them. Most freelancers have their portfolios in their profiles, so you can have a sample of their work before deciding to work with them. If you don’t like their work that much, you won’t be stuck in awkward situations either.

Adobe Sign

You might have seen that there are hundreds of documents and emails you have to sign to start and market your business. In addition, a nice signature also looks good at the end of emails and gives a professional touch to communications. However, managing them manually can be quite annoying. Instead, use Adobe Sign, as it will let you send, track, and manage e-signatures easily.

Hemingway Editor

Content plays a major role in your marketing activities. If it is not written properly and with SEO protocols in mind, you won’t be able to get your message across. Hemingway Editor improves your writing both grammatically, and also guides you on readability.


Once you have a team in place, Asana is the best tool to use. It is excellent for tracing your tasks and sharing details with each other. You can share files, data, and all sorts of information in real time, no matter where you and your teammates are sitting.

Choose from a wide range of the best marketing tools from a shared list to make your life easy and comfortable. In addition to shared tools, one can also think about integrating marketing analytics dashboards or analytics dashboards into their existing systems to clearly identify key points and areas in the business that need improvement. . This is where specialists such as “Marketing Reports” can help design and implement such online dashboards to monitor key metrics to achieve long-term business goals.

So, get these Marketing Tools and take your marketing to a whole other level! Then, you’ll see the success rolling in.

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