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Why Dolores encanto is a highly acclaimed Animated Film

by William Beel
Dolores Encanto

The movie Dolores encanto is a highly acclaimed animated film from Disney. In Colombian culture, the word “Dolores” means “little girl” and her name evokes this sound. This Colombian movie is a tale of hope and magic for the family of Madrigals. Through a series of magical events, Dolores gives each of the children a unique gift.

Superhuman hearing

Dolores is the oldest daughter of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. She has superhuman hearing, making her the first to hear about gossip among the Madrigals. However, she struggles to keep her secret and sometimes forgets her own voice. Dolores falls for Mariano Guzman, who is betrothed to another person. Dolores’ secret life and her relationship with Mariano make the movie an even more emotional ride.

Dolores’s sound has many meanings in Colombian culture. The high-pitched “hm” sound that she uses in Encanto indicates nervousness. The song was created by fan OR3O and mixes Colombian-style instrumentation with modern electronic beats. In addition, it includes the perspectives of Dolores’ three cousins: Adassa, Luisa, and Isabela.


Often a character is a harbinger of a negative trait, but this is not always the case. When Dolores reveals to her brother that she knew what Bruno was doing, some fans may claim it is a plot hole. However, this sarcastic comment shows that Dolores is not the most sensitive person or best at keeping secrets. Ultimately, her actions show her perceptiveness. She understood that Bruno was living in fear and that his humbling gift was being used against him. In addition, she understood the burden of too much information and that sometimes, revealing everything would lead to disaster.

Other instances of sarcasm in Dolores Encanto involve the man who delivers party supplies to Mirabel. He seems to be trying to remind Mirabel that she doesn’t matter. His sarcastic comment is quite humorous. But the character’s family rarely acknowledges her lack of a gift. This is a subtle but effective example of sarcasm in the film.

Relationship with Mariano

The Dolores encanto relationship was born of Dolores’s friendship with Isabela, a friend of Mariano’s. The two had just begun talking about their families, when Dolores interrupted. She convinced Mariano to hang out with her and soon they began to develop a relationship. Soon after, Isabela noticed that Dolores and Mariano had chemistry and convinced them to get married.

In the early stages of the relationship, Dolores had already fallen in love with Mariano, the man she would later marry. Her love for Mariano began when she was still a teenager, when Bruno first gave her the gift of hearing. But Mariano was already engaged to Isabela, Dolores’ cousin. Despite being so infatuated with Mariano, Dolores never confessed her feelings.

At first, Mariano is quite hesitant to commit to Dolores, but as the movie progresses, Mariano begins to show signs of love. He even makes Dolores swoon over his wistful gaze at the end of Encanto. The two share the same height and seem to be of the same age. And while they may be different sex-wise, their looks and personalities are indistinguishable.

Keeping secrets

Dolores is terrible at keeping secrets. She can hear everything, and doesn’t even understand what she hears unless she concentrates. She also has a crush on Mariano, who was almost engaged to Isabela before she remarried. He’s loud and a poet, and she’s very jealous of him, because he wants five children. This has led to many secrets, including that she slept with Bruno.

The book doesn’t specify when Dolores knew Bruno had married Mirabel, but she did know that she would have to keep her secret until the wedding dinner, when it was revealed that Bruno had moved into the walls of the Casita. During the wedding, Dolores told no one, as she felt bad for Bruno, who suffered from frequent bad visions. Nonetheless, she didn’t tell anyone, including her Abuela. She also shielded Mirabel from seeing Bruno because she was afraid of her.

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