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What is the Latest Trend in Home Decor 2023?

by William Beel
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Natural wood, bold primary colors, organic shapes, and more are the latest trends for home decor.  the perfect time to add more wood.

Natural wood

In addition to the new material trends, sustainability will also be a key feature in the upcoming home decor trends of 2022. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their homes’ environmental impact and are turning toward durable, natural materials for their home decor. The latest home decor stores focus on using natural wood for furniture and accents instead of white on white. While this is still a trendy material, it will likely lose popularity shortly. As a result, the best thing to do is opt for durable home decor. Of course, if you can’t afford the trend, you can always replace the piece with a cheaper one.

For 2022, the hottest home decor trend is green. Olive green and mint are popular colors for living rooms, while pistachio is famous in bedrooms and kitchens. The key to this trend is the depth and texture of color, so you can use rich pigments to create a new feel for the space. This color scheme will fit perfectly with many decorating styles.

Bold primary colors

The Pantone fashion color report for spring/summer 2022 features bold primary colors, neutral groundings, and airy pastels. Colour can be a powerful ally, expressing the owner’s personality and enabling a balance between exuberance and tranquility. Bold primary colors are fun and playful, infusing your living space with new life.

The organic design movement is the driving force behind the latest trend. The work comprises natural, earthy hues, fine wavy lines, botanical illustrations, collages, and hand-drawn elements. The resulting piece exudes relaxed, warm energy. Another current trend is the use of primary colors, which have been popular since ancient Greece. Primary colors are uplifting and create a mood of optimism. 

Rounded furniture

Try curved chairs and sofas with gently sloping arms for a fresh look. You can also try round poufs to bring a whimsical yet classy vibe to your space. Choose materials like velvet, linen, or nubby boucle fabrics and incorporate black accents to create an eye-catching look. For added comfort, choose fabrics that are easy to clean.

The rounded furniture trend is also gaining steam in home decor. It was first popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but it’s coming back this year in an increasingly modern way. It will give your space a softer, more relaxed feel and stand out against more sharp edges. You’ll find plenty of rounded furniture in different colors, so you can pick one that fits your style.

Organic shapes

The organic shape trend is in vogue in interior design. It stems from the biophilic strategy, which is focused on nature and its asymmetries. These accents are in high demand for their unique shapes and irregularities. They can be used as furniture, wall art, lighting, and area rugs. Depending on your taste and interior design style, you can choose your home’s irregular or regular organic shapes.

The rounded organic shape is big news this season. These organic shapes create a cozy feel to a home. Curved shapes require huggable fabrics such as velvet, boucle, and faux fur to add a comfortable welcome. The latest trends in home decor in 2022 will incorporate these organic shapes into their decor. They’re perfect for the fall and winter seasons. But, of course, if you’d like to have an organic shape home, you can use many natural materials.

Upcycled materials

More people are turning to recycled, reclaimed, and vintage materials in their home decor. This trend reflects a shift in consumer priorities from immediate utility to long-term beauty. Vintage furnishings add a charming and effortless charm to any room, making them an excellent choice for your next home decor project.

One of the latest trends in home decor 2022 is using green and recycled materials in furniture. For example, instead of using faux leather, you can replace it with environmentally-friendly alternatives such as hemp or organic wool. You can also opt for muskie, an imitation leather derived from the upper part of mushrooms, in place of animal skin. Another green home decor 2022 trend is the use of recycled plastic. This trend is prevalent amongst environmentalists, as using recycled plastic can help protect our environment.

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