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Upcycling The Custom Cardboard Boxes

Upcycling the custom cardboard boxes that make their way to our homes and offices is an effective way to reduce litter from the surface of the earth. Many companies are using custom cardboard packaging to pack their products. We consume many of these products and items daily. Some of them include;

  1. Cereals
  2. Soaps
  3. Perfumes
  4. Burgers
  5. Candles and many more.

Almost everything we buy from the marketplaces comes packaged in some form of custom retail boxes. Daily, it discarded these custom cardboard boxes as trash from our homes and offices. I am sure we all have seen people throwing out burger boxes and empty soda cans from their cards while driving. Irresponsible disposing of such boxes results in littering that looks bad. It also causes many problems for the different life on earth. Littering is harmful to our planet as well.

The littering that results from custom retail packaging can cause several complications. The heaps of trash along the sidewalks often get drained during heavy rainfall to end up in the nearest water bodies. This trash causes the water to become dirty and even toxic in the worst cases. This water becomes unusable for drinking. They cannot even use it for recreation because of the high toxic levels, which can cause severe damage. Life shrinks from these areas. Even animals find it hard to survive as they often die of choking or starvation.  Irresponsibly designed custom retail packaging is the principal cause of choking for these animals, who feed on it think it is food. Places with heaps of litter and discarded custom cardboard packaging become home to rodents and other animals who become carriers of harmful germs present in this area.

Cardboard packaging for retail

These animals can cause sickness and even death if they transfer these diseases to humans or other animals. One of the best ways to reduce trash is to sort out the reusable custom cardboard boxes and upcycle them. All one is required to do is sift through the various retail packaging options in their homes. It may include;

  1. Cereal boxes
  2. Printed Custom Candle boxes
  3. Custom packaging chocolate boxes
  4. Custom donut boxes, etc.

I always make it a point to find an alternate use for most custom boxes that make their way to my house. To start, I have a lot of beautiful pencil holders. I placed them in my room, study, and even sit on my bookshelves. I am very fond of buying candles, which come in pretty packaging. Most times, these boxes are intricately designed and printed in supreme quality. It transforms these ordinary boxes into extraordinary boxes that can be used in multiple ways. I simply cut off the lids and use them as holders. I once bought a one-of-a-kind premium candle that came in rose gold and ruby red box. It had a very vintage look.

Cardboard boxes for bakery

So I cut its lid off and filled half of this holder with rice. I then dug two incense sticks into this holder and placed them next to the Buddha statue, which is placed in my garden. They convinced anyone who sees it from afar that it made this incense holder from metal and gems.  I have often used cardboard and cereal boxes to make drawer dividers for my stationery. The rectangular base of the cereal boxes makes the perfect dividers for storing long paintbrushes. I always seem to lose these somehow after I’m done with my painting projects.

I firmly believe that upcycling can play a major role in curbing pollution. And littering from the earth it will also save the resources of our planets for our future generations. If you are looking for eco-friendly custom cardboard boxes for your companies check out the custom cardboard boxes customization tools that ClipnBox design team is always rolling out.