Promote Your Business Easily with Custom Gift Card Boxes– 5 Handy Tips

The compelling touch of gift card boxes makes them highly attractive. To top the look, their quality plays an important role. The nature of their manufacturing materials makes them high-quality and durable as well. These strong materials are Bux Board, corrugated paper, cardstock, and Kraft. They last longer and do not break easily. Other than that, they are sustainable and so usable for a longer time. They are also available in different dimensions, colors, and styles with the help of customization procedures. The printing technologies provide them a required look which includes designs, colors, and texts. They are not costly and are available at a competitive market price.

Presenting loyalty cards and gift cards to your customers in a stylish box is an impressive way to win their hearts. The gift card boxes with attractive designs and look derive massive attention from you. Many people often get gift cards to give as a gift to their loved ones. In such cases, storing and presenting them in the box works as a cherry on the top. The box will ensure the safety of the card along with working to promote your business.

Write your tagline 

Your tagline is the catchiest phrase that defines your brand. It should be attractive and short enough to stimulate the interest of your customers. The reason for keeping it short is that you will need to add it to your custom printed gift card boxesDoing this will make sure that customers know you based on your tagline. Use quality texts and attractive colors for it so your box can shine bright. It will also ensure to attract customers even from a distance. 

Emboss your logo

The company’s logo is the most crucial symbol that will speak for you even when you are not at a place. When customers get such custom gift card boxes with an engraved logo of the brand, they keep them forever. Another thing that they do quite effectively is to catch other people’s attention as well. You can take help from options such as embossing or spot UV to add a perfect logo to your box. Pay much attention to this important step.

Add company details 

The cardboard boxes are strong and durable, which also last for a longer time. They can easily tolerate all sorts of pressure on them, which you apply to add details of the brand. You can take the opportunity to establish a solid and better connection with the customers. Adding all details on the box, such as your email address and contact number, is effective. This way, your customers will feel more connected to you as you become more accessible to them. 

Include all benefits on the box 

Gift cards from a brand come with a lot of benefits. Brands offer discounts or combination offers to the customers that last a lifetime. It is best to print all these benefits of gift cards on your custom boxes. The customized touches to the box with all necessary details of benefits will catch their attention. When you place such boxes on the counters, the chances are high that you will be selling more cards. As it is hard to resist when a customer knows all benefits. 

Offer special promos on events 

If you are offering some special discount to the customers on any event, then it is best to inform them. Adding such details before the event helps them to know where to spend their money. In this way, customers will also hold a special place for your brand in their hearts. The promotional offers will ensure to maximize your brand sales and will also derive attention to you. Such information on the boxes also helps in effectively promoting your brand name.

If you have loyal and returning customers, who come to your every time, then serving them a gift card is the best thing. So, use gift card boxes with many attractive designs to engrave your name in their hearts. You can also introduce your brand with the help of such boxes. Even if you are launching a new product, you can use boxes to add details to stimulate your customer’s interest.