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Julia Garner Wins For Best Supporting actress at Golden Globes 2021 Awards

by William Beel
julia garner

Julia Garner is an American actor known for her starring role as Ruth Langdon in the award-winning Netflix drama series Ozark. She is also known for her recurring role as Dagwood in the movie version of The Jungle Book, in which she also won two Golden Globes for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. Additionally, Julia is known as Kunta in ABC’s hit series Hidden Figures. In addition, she guest stars in the films Bridesmaids and The Perfect Score.

In Ozark, Julia Garner is back as the strong-willed detective Dufleur of the third season who is partnered with the seasoned investigator, Luke. This time around, Dufleur is not the only detective partnered with Luke as the murder case of a serial killer known as Ozark rises to feverish heights. In an effort to catch the killer, Dufleur consults an old friend from back home who happens to be the town’s new police captain, Owen Alexander. While Owen is a steady and competent cop, he does not have the time to pursue the suspect on his own.

When a local television news team is granted permission by the suspect in Ozark’s case to visit him in prison, they discover a stash of weapons, drugs, and an injured woman tied to the wheel of his car. Impressed with the news team’s findings, the district attorney assigns Julia to the case. However, Julia discovers that she does not have to look for a private detective because there is a much easier way to catch this dangerous suspect. Thanks to the internet, she is able to access the computer inside the suspect’s luxurious cell where she finds a link to a hidden webcam that shows a man brutally torturing a woman behind bars.

Once inside the man’s cell, Julia makes her way toward the woman through the tiny opening in the door. As she approaches the woman, she notices the same digital cameras which were installed in the camera that captured Ozark on TV. Moving closer to the woman, she hears noises from inside the cell. In the ensuing struggle, Julia manages to get the woman to draw the gun against the man. Armed with this information, Julia races down the hallways of the jail, while Owen and other Ozark cops surround the building in search of the suspect.

Once inside the cell, Julia quickly discovers that the woman has been murdered. The only lead at this point is the digital video recorder, which records the events of the crime scene. As she watches the tape, Julia notices a figure lurking behind the victim. This figure quickly slips out the open window of the room and into the night sky. Moving quickly, Julia spots the shadowy figure heading in her general direction…

With the murder scene behind her, Julia makes her way back to the offices of the OVA agency where her boss is working. Owen returns moments later with his new partner, Jane. When the duo returns to the station, they find that there has been a violent fight outside between a group of youths and two men…one of them an ex-cop. When they investigate the incident further, they learn that the two suspects readers…one of them an ex-convict and a painter and art teacher.

As the credits begin to roll, the audience is introduced to some new faces. Our favorite recurring characters from the first half of the movie, Danine Roberts and Michael Chiklis return for their supporting roles. These two characters act in small parts, but they bring quite a bit to the table. Additionally, Jennifer Garner was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress (Fiction) Oscar for this film, so it’s no surprise that she was nominated for this one. Although she lost to Anne Hathaway for her turn as Selina Kyle, Garner still managed to capture the attention of both audiences and critics.

All in all, Julia Garner has cemented her reputation as one of the best actresses working today. Her star has expanded since her award-winning turn in the critically acclaimed drama Martha Marcy May Marley and you can see why…her acting abilities have won so many awards over the years. Her name remains synonymous with greatness in the world of theater, TV, and movies. Hopefully, you will see plenty of Garner films in the future and know that you will be seeing a great performance.

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