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Here Are the Best Ohio Cities for Affordability

by William Beel
Best Ohio Cities

Ohio is an unexpected paradise!  From incredibly affordable housing, great surroundings and nature, and awesome weather, it’s easy to fall in love with this state.  When you move here, you want to choose wisely, though!

These are the best cities to move to Ohio for! 


At home in northeastern Ohio, just 68 miles from Cleveland, this paradise city is a wonderful place to enjoy both nature and city living.  From the endless forests and river life to the incredible aquarium and endless restaurants and stores, you’ll feel like you’ve settled into a far easier life.  The average home income is only $40,000, so if you’re coming into the city with an online job, you’ll be able to afford much more than you would from most major cities! 


On the shores of Lake Erie, Sandusky is a great space for fun waterside entertainment and incredible food.  This area has everything from sailing to a merry-go-round museum and countless other niche experiences you’ll never find anywhere else!  This is a great space for any young family.


The average home income here is half of what you’ll see in most other cities, which means if you’re coming to town with a degree or you get a job before you move out here, you’ll be able to afford far more.  This area is covered in country clubs, museums, drive-in movie theaters, and tons of charm.  A massive river breaks through most of the city, which is an ample place for hiking, biking, and enjoying the gorgeous surroundings.  


Although this area can be pricier than others on this list, it comes with one major perk: the pay is higher as well.  Cincinnati houses for sale are the perfect mix of attractive, affordable, and close to jobs where you can get paid far more than any other city on this list.  Cincinnati is known for having an artsy food scene and incredible night life!  This is a great area for anyone in their early 20s who wants to start fresh.


Although this area can seem expensive when compared to others on this list, Eastlake is a dream come true for anyone who’s coming from a major city.  Just 20 miles from Cleveland, Eastlake’s average household income is $50,000 which can still get you a little further than most of these other cities.  Houses right now go for around $200,000, which is extremely affordable compared to the national average.


Halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, Mansfield is a great place for any young professionals who want a fresh start.  Here you can enjoy the gardens, beautiful lakes and rivers, and countless restaurants and stores.  This is an awesome and charming area and feels incredibly tight-knit despite being an average-sized city.  You can even find a fire department museum and countless country clubs!

Affordable Housing Isn’t Just a Dream! 

There’s nothing like picking the best city for yourself and being able to afford it.  Move to any of these areas for your affordable dreams to come true!

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