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Heeled Shoes: The Different Models to Choose

by William Beel
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The refrain is always the same: the new season = new shoes to love (and wear!) Yes, because for the ‘ fall-winter 2021 the shoes – with the heel, of course! – have a privileged place in your shoe cabinet, and in your heart, it goes without saying! But what are the models that will enter your Wishlist by right? In reality, there are many… and for all tastes. For this reason, all you have to do is take a look at the trends seen on the ready-to-wear catwalks and then let yourself be guided by your imagination.

On the other hand, heeled shoes are an undisputed must-have and certainly cannot be missing to give the right momentum to your silhouette. And what’s more, you can combine them with any outfit: casual or elegant, from morning to evening. The reason? The new season features new ideas… absolutely super cool. 

So, if on the one hand there are the classic décolleté – extremely refined! – on the other hand, however, the most glamorous models such as boots, sandals, or the romantic Mary Jane cannot be missing. Nowadays they are worn even with the coldest temperatures, just add tights and a pair of socks… and the mix & match is served!

Ready to be seduced by the new shoes with heels? Here are all the models that you must always have with you!


When it comes to heels, pumps certainly have a place of honor in terms of elegance. Are you ready, then, to lose your head for a new pair of shoes? For the colder months of the year, the décolleté is worn in an ultra-sparkling version. And not only. Yes, because they must be precious, just like a jewel of course! Among the hottest trends of the moment, there are even the décolleté with the strap, to be combined with tone-on-tone or contrasting tights.


With a retro charm. With the pumps, you will immerse yourself directly in the fascinating atmosphere of the fifties. Yes, because the new shoes have an all-vintage taste. The reason? The most desirable – views on the prêt-à-porter platforms! – they have round shapes and are super just like those shoes worn by pin-ups. And among the colors to show off in line with these well-found Fifties, total black undoubtedly has a special place. For you who are elegant and refined at the same time. As a true ladylike, in short.


Elegance, comfort, and that very glam touch that only a pair of fur high heel boots can give you. Yes, because for autumn the boots are ready to be your precious allies. Be careful, however, because the trendiest models include the heel (to get slim, of course!). Take note: the most desirable – and even the most fashionable! – show the python print. And among the hottest colors? Undoubtedly black, a classic, but also burgundy which, as a shade of red, is more discreet and therefore easy to combine with garments for the coldest months of the year. Must have … at all costs!


Only true love for sandals that do not leave the fashion scene. On the contrary, they are renewed to get straight to the heart of fashion victims … and of you who do not want to give up these shoes, not even for the fall. So, you can wear sandals with ease even with a pair of sheer tights. In addition to the classic colors – black, burgundy at the top of the chart – there are once again pastel shades, just like delicious sorbets. Greenlight then to nude pink, combinable with almost all your clothes. The alternative? Bright colors like red and mustard yellow. Not to mention the materials such as velvet … a caress for your feet!

Mary Jane

Super romantic and with a bon ton allure, Mary Jane shoes are back in pole position among trendy footwear. In a decidedly more seductive version. Yes, because Stylo shoes are no longer made only for girls, but are an essential must-have on special occasions or for a romantic evening. And for autumn-winter 2019 they have strictly high heels, indeed very high! They will therefore be your precious style allies just as the fashion diktats suggest for the colder season. With strap and wide heel.

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