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Benefits of Using An Electronic Toothbrush

by William Beel
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Oral hygiene is important for everyone to follow to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, should it get a little too difficult for you to reach all spots with your toothbrush, there is an alternative solution. The electronic toothbrush will also help prevent cavity formation by gently oscillating the head of the brush across your teeth and along the gum line causing less friction.

1. It is gentle on sensitive gums

If you are having trouble adjusting to an electric toothbrush because you have tender gums or sore spots you can still use the electronic toothbrush because of its ability to be gentle on the areas that need it. This toothbrush is especially gentle on the gums and teeth by oscillating and brushing across the teeth and gums. (The electric toothbrush will not shine and will not pull your gums downwards.)

2. Does not need to be shaken

When you are trying to reach places it is hard for you to reach with an electrical toothbrush, like under your tongue, for example, you may be shaking the toothbrush around. This can cause uneven stimulation causing parts of your mouth to receive more brushing than others. The fact that the electric toothbrush does not need to be shaken and can reach everywhere on its own without assistance, is one of the best benefits of using it.

3. Reduces rotational forces

The rotational force that is created by a manual toothbrush when you are brushing your teeth is large and will cause excessive wear on your teeth and gums. The oscillating nature of the electric toothbrush minimizes the amount of rotational force that is put into your mouth during cleaning. The electric toothbrush ensures that you reach all areas of your mouth, which will eliminate the chances of you missing a spot or getting overly aggressive in one location.

4. Cleaning around braces

If you have a lot of orthodontic work done to straighten out the misalignment of your teeth, then you must take extra precautions when cleaning your teeth. These braces will often have metal wires running through them that can get very hard to clean. By having an electric toothbrush you do not have to worry about damaging the orthodontic work that you have undergone. By using the oscillating action of the toothbrush, you can easily clean the braces without causing any damage.

5. More effective in younger patients

Children of this generation will often prefer to use an electronic toothbrush because of its advantages over a manual toothbrush. Orthodontic work and braces are becoming increasingly common among children and electronic toothbrushes are made with these two things in mind. Children will also find the ability to reach places in their mouths much easier with this kind of toothbrush.

Electronic Toothbrush

6. Can be used by the elderly:

It is hard for elderly people to get their teeth clean and they sometimes require assistance to get the job done properly. The toothbrush is capable of oscillating on its own and can deliver a thorough cleaning throughout your mouth so you will avoid unnecessary bruises, cuts along the gum line, inflammation, or bleeding gums.

It is important to remember that an electric toothbrush will not replace a manual toothbrush and allow you to brush your teeth in the same way. Instead, you will have to adjust and adjust your habits so that it works for you. From there, it is up to you whether or not you continue with it and eventually find out whether or not it works for you.

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