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3 Things to Look For In Your Cold Weather Work Gloves

Does your occupation involve working in cold weather conditions? Protecting yourself from cold weather is important especially if you have to perform heavy-duty work. Your hands are the most vulnerable when you are outside working in cold weather and they require much-needed protection to work gloves.

Not just any gloves but standard quality cold weather work gloves. Without the use of gloves, your hands would freeze and interrupt your performing tasks. The chances of meeting with an accident rises if you don’t wear gloves.

However, you need gloves that can offer you ultimate protection against cold weather conditions. That is why it is important to consider a few important things to find the best work gloves. Keep on reading till the end to find out the things that you need to consider.

1.    Type of insulation

The first thing that you need to look for in a cold weather work glove is the type of thermal insulation used in the material. The gloves that offer maximum insulation are supposed to be thicker. Therefore, you have to keep in mind the type of work that you’ll be performing in order to determine the thickness for insulation.

One of the recommended insulation liners used in gloves is the boa acrylic, however, it adds a lot of bulk to the glove. Also, if your palms sweat due then they do nothing to absorb the moisture produced inside the glove.

For such concern either a Thinsulate or fleece lined gloves are preferred. Both liners work ideally to keep your hands warm and dry. The only thing that differentiates these two is the thickness. Fleece requires more layers to give the gloves the same level of insulation compared to Thinsulate.

2.   Ideal size of the glove

You must consider the size of the gloves before picking work gloves for cold weather. If the size fitting is not perfect then it can not only cause discomfort for you but also interrupt the flow of your work.

If your glove size is too big then the cold air can pass through it easily giving you no protection against cold weather. But if your gloves are too small then it can create discomfort as it would restrict your hand movement.

This is why it is important to find the right size of cold weather work gloves.

3.   Palm coating

Working in cold weather has several challenges of its own. One of them is having poor grip when you perform any task. Hence, it is important that you consider palm coating in your work gloves for better performance.

Look for gloves that have PVC or Nitrile palm coating that withstands the cold weather condition exceptionally. You won’t lose your grip when you use palm coating gloves for working in cold weather conditions.


So, what are you waiting for? Give your hands the much-needed protection with suitable cold weather work gloves. Make sure to consider the above enumerated points when purchasing work gloves for cold weather conditions.