Types of Custom Table Covers to Promote Your Business

Whenever you want to promote your business at events or local trade shows, logo tablecloths are one of the best ways to spread the name of your business to potential customers. As it’s an elegant marketing method, your potential customers will remember your brand. 

You can find various custom table covers or table runners in the market. Despite the type of table cover you choose for your business, one thing they have in common is that your business name and brand image will be printed directly on the through a vibrant digital format. Here are the top 3 types of custom table covers you should know. 

Table Throws

This is perhaps one of the most basic types of table covers with a logo. The throw table covers represent the normal appearance of the tablecloth, which is a non-advertising type of cover used in the house to protect the dining table from various damages. Even though the normal tablecloth and table throws have a similar appearance, a table throws is crafted from high-quality materials so that business owners can use them for a couple of years for their marketing purposes. While not designed to be fit perfectly on the table, the table throws will cover the corners and showcase a professional look. Table throws are extremely popular as they are perfect for every promotional event. 

Fitted Table Covers

Fitted table covers are similar to the table throws. Therefore, many people don’t the difference between them. While table throws don’t fit perfectly on the table, fitted table covers can be placed perfectly on top of the tables. Therefore, it will create a boxy look with sharp angles as well as no excess draping. This is why fitted table covers are one of the most popular choices. If you use the fitted table covers at a trade show, they will showcase a clean and professional look to your potential customers. As per AIB, professionalism in business enhances the reputation.

However, one great disadvantage of fitted table covers is that you have to choose the perfect cover as per the size of the table. If the fitted table cover is irrelevant as per the table’s size, it will look unattractive. 

Logo Table Runners

Sometimes, you might not want the table cover to extend over the entire surface of the table. For instance, you might be promoting your business at an event the organizers have provided you with normal table covers. If you want to showcase the name and logo of your business without worrying about the table coverage, you should invest in a table runner

Just like the other types of table covers, the table runners are extremely customizable. You can use digitally printed images on your table runners. However, unlike the other table covers, the table runners don’t extend over the entire surface of your table. They not only drape over the front but are also narrower than the other full covers. Make sure you use the table runners with another cover as they are not ideal for coverage purposes. 

One of the best things about table runners is that you can use them for any table as table runners aren’t designed to cover the whole table. They are interchangeable and less expensive than the full covers. 


Logo table covers come with tons of potential benefits for your business. Don’t forget to clean the table covers weekly to extend their lifespan. As table covers are customizable, you can choose any design you want.