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Queen Mattress And Its Comfort Factors

by William Beel

A bed is the most important furniture as you can sleep and relax on it.  Based on the size of the bed, the size of the mattress also varies. Sound Sleep is very much necessary for keeping your body fit both physically and mentally.  A comfortable mattress is very important for the relaxation of your body.

On the basis of materials used mattresses can be of the following types:

Latex mattress: It is usually made from the latex obtained from the rubber tree. Queen mattress made from latex is very comfortable and also durable. It is a mix of synthetic and natural latex. It is available in different sizes as well.

Hybrid mattress: It is created by combining a layer of latex or memory foam with the innerspring coil. It is easily available in single bed, double bed and other bed sizes including queen mattress size.

Memory foam:  Such types of mattresses are made from memory foam which helps in relieving the different pressure points of the body. It eases the blood flow throughout the body and adjusts with the body shape. The king-sized and queen mattress made from memory foam beds are very much in demand.

In recent times, there is a high rise in the demand for king size mattress. A queen-size mattress can be of the following type:

Standard queen mattress: It has a length of 80 inches and a width of 60 inches.

California queen mattress: It has a length of 84 inches and a width of 60 inches.

Olympic queen mattress: It has a length of 80 inches and a width of 66 inches.

Split queen mattress: It consists of two mattresses each having a length of 80 inches and a width of 30 inches.

Advantages of buying Queen Mattress:

  1. Mattress provides more space and is much longer than other mattresses which are meant for tall people.
  2. The mattress is an ideal sized mattress for couples requiring more space while sleeping.
  3. These mattresses are ideal for master bedrooms, larger bedrooms and guest rooms.
  4. The price of mattress is less as compared to the king sized mattresses.
  5. It enhances the beauty of a bed room and gives a royal look.
  6. It provides a total comfort that is beneficial for physical as well as mental health.

Few things which are to be kept in mind while buying a Queen Mattress:

  1. There are varieties of mattress which includes memory foam, adjustable air and innerspring. So, it becomes very important to measure the appropriate size of the bed before buying a queen sized mattress.
  2. Testing the mattress physically is also very important. To check the comfort of the mattress, you should lie on it and spend few minutes before coming to any conclusion; as body comfort is really important while buying a mattress.
  3. It is ideal to buy mattress during sale. You will get more discounts during the mattress sale. Therefore, it will cost less as the price of these mattresses are a bit higher as compared to other mattresses.

It is important to buy the queen mattress from the authorized dealer shop in order to get a good quality with a warranty period. One should also check the return policies of the retail shop because these mattresses are expensive and some shops charges extra amount while returning them. While buying the mattress online, it is important to check the ratings and stars given by the customers along with their reviews. Although, buying a mattress can be expensive; but it is essential to have a mattress which is good for your physical health. There is also proverb which says ”your health is your wealth”.

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