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Portable Laser Marking Machine for Metal

by William Beel

For the uninitiated, laser marking may be summarized as a long-term procedure involving applying a focused beam of light to a surface. Laser marking has a broad range of uses and is often done using fiber, pulsed, continuous wave, green, or UV laser equipment. Laser marking of metals(laserowe znakowanie metali) leaves permanent traceable markings on various materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, paper, and cardboard.

Portable Laser Marking Machine with 20W Handheld:

Using a third-generation solid-state fiber laser, the Heat Sign 20Watt Portable Fiber laser marking of metals creates a fine, ultra-precision mark. This model has no pollution, no loss of optical power connection, air cooling, excellent efficiency, and stability, which is tiny and compact. Using the program is simple, and it can operate with a variety of different types of information, such as images and other types of documents, such as charters, letters, and barcodes.

Benefits of laser marking of metals:

The laser machine can produce intricate designs in a small area according to customer specifications.

There is no power coupling and, therefore a reduction in running expenses.

The laser device has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours.

High Speed, High Efficiency:

It greatly increases the marking quantity while also speeding up the user’s return on investment.

Technical parameters of laser marking of metals:

HS-FL20 is the model number.

Fiber Laser is portable laser technology.

A 100mm, × 100mm area, will be marked

1064 nm is the laser’s wavelength.

Maximum depth of marking: 0.2 millimeters

Speed of marking: about 7000mm/s

220V/50Hz/10A is the recommended power supply voltage (We can supply 110V power convert if you need)

Field of Use

Used to mark and engrave hardware items such as knives and cutting boards and kitchenware and plastic goods such as faucets and bathroom fixtures.

Mobile phone batteries, ink, and paint, for example.

Plastic goods, electrical enclosures, and other electronic devices all have serial numbers and logos.

The following metals and surfaces are frequently used for laser marking of metals,

How to Use and What to Use?

Laser marking of metals on any metallic material, such as stainless steel or aluminum or titanium or brass or gold or silver or aluminum, this marking method may be used to mark logos or serial numbers or bar codes, or other attractive designs.

Engraving using a Laser:

Making your wedding rings distinctive and one-of-a-kind is easy with engraving. It’s SO MUCH BETTER when the LASER ENGRAVING is simple to read!  Laser Engraving is now available at Hoover & Strong. We can create laser engravings on our rings that are both accurate and simple to read, thanks to cutting-edge laser technology.

Different fonts to choose from:

Take your pick from the following 10 widely used fonts. We can probably make a font that isn’t on this list for you if you give us the font’s name.

Engraving Costs:

For single-item orders, we charge a flat price of $25 for laser engraving. The interior of the ring may include up to 30 symbols or characters, including spaces. Additional characters cost $1.00 each. We may accommodate requests for characters over30.

Customizing the Engraving:

Laser marking of metals can engrave pictures on your metals in addition to text and symbols. You may engrave just about any digitally formatted picture. The recommended file formats are jpg, eps, and tif.

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