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What Makes a Natural Cosmetics Product FDA Approved?

by William Beel
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Cosmetics Product 

If you are thinking about buying cosmetics products, you should natural cosmetics products know that all cosmetics are not safe, nor are all cosmetics products approved by the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics are chemical based. When chemicals are added to a natural product, it can no longer be classified as natural. It can only be classified as “composition by materials”. This means that any ingredients added to cosmetics products are synthetic and it is dangerous to use any cosmetic on your skin.

The cosmetics industry is filled with toxins that we are constantly adding to our systems every day. Some of these are carcinogenic. Others cause organ toxicity, nervous system damage and hormonal disruptions. Most people have no idea that chemicals used in the making of cosmetics products are even considered “natural”. That’s because the term natural is totally foreign to most of us.

Natural Cosmetics Products

There are many advantages to chemical free natural cosmetics products. They don’t clog pores or cause allergic reactions. They don’t create contact dermatitis or cancer. And they don’t change your appearance in any way. Most cosmetic companies claim that their product contains all natural mineral ingredients and plant extracts. Unfortunately, not all cosmetics contain true natural ingredients.

You may be wondering what natural skin care products really contain. Most skin care products contain either parabens or some type of alcohol. Parabens have been shown to cause cell damage in studies. The alcohol kind causes a by-product of skin care products – glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is commonly used in skin care products to remove acne scars and to whiten skin.


The ingredient that I find the most offensive, that is commonly used in all types of cosmetics, is sodium laureth sulphate. This chemical is also known as SLS. It’s main function is to make sure that your skin does not dry out. But, it also dries the hair follicles to the point where new hair cannot survive.

So, it turns out that when you use natural cosmetics, you are putting your health at risk. Now, you may be thinking “so what”. Well, there is another reason why companies would choose to include these harmful chemicals in their products. These chemicals are cheap to produce. The big cosmetic companies can put all of their profits into the production of cheap chemical ingredients and then pass them on to you.

Sacrificing Your Health

This is definitely not the kind of thing you want in your skin care products. Why would you want to keep using chemical additives that do nothing to improve the quality of your skin? What kind of message are you sending your customers when they see that big name cosmetics are willing to put their profits first even if it means sacrificing your health?

Cosmetics are supposed to be for you, not for your company or for other companies. If you think that the cosmetic industry cares more about profits than they do your health, I have a question for you: Have you ever thought about why all of these products are FDA approved? If not, maybe you should. After all, that’s what beauty is all about.

Cosmetics Manufacturers

The truth is that most cosmetics products have a long list of ingredients that have been proven to cause cancer. These carcinogenic chemicals have been banned from use in most countries, but the United States does not. The US has loopholes in the law so that cosmetics manufacturers can use these types of ingredients. It’s a funny loophole, since the US has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

There are some natural cosmetics that have never been tested on animals, even though the manufacturer says that the product is natural. Many people have made serious complaints about ingredients in natural cosmetics that they have been allergic or sensitive to. You may have noticed that there are no “natural” allergy symptoms when using some of these products.

Cheap Chemical Ingredients

The reason that cosmetics products are always so expensive is because the cosmetic companies use cheap chemical ingredients. They pass these cost savings on to you, the consumer. These same chemicals are used in many skin care products that you will be purchasing if you choose a cheap over-the-counter cosmetic product.

There are some natural skincare ingredients that are more effective than most chemical ingredients. These natural ingredients include antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and others. A company called Plantronics is the only cosmetics company that is using all natural plant extracts in their line of cosmetics products. By using these plant extracts, Plantronics skincare products to provide you with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and more that give you healthier skin.

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