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How to sell a League of Legends account

by William Beel
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Are you tired of League of Legends and want to move on by selling your account? Keep in mind that this is possible, although it is prohibited by Riot and its terms of use.

From a legal point of view, there is no legal text prohibiting the sale of digital property presented here by your League of Legends account.

Therefore, from the point of view of the law, you do not risk anything. Selling a League of Legends account is completely legal.

This article will explain how to sell a League of Legends account, and it will also explain the rules installed by Riot Games and the risks you expose yourself to when selling your account.

Selling a League of Legends account: Riot rules

Riot Games has strict rules regarding the game account for sale. Why so? Because the company wants to protect its players, and that each account is personalized. If it is possible to buy and sell accounts, the principle of suspension and any fines against the player are questioned. Indeed, why play by the rules if you can buy or sell an account in just a few clicks?

It’s like saying: why obey traffic rules if you can easily buy a license and bypass the established rules and restrictions?

We already know that sometimes the gaming community in League of Legends can be toxic. The rate of ranked games, the team game system, sometimes brings players to the limit, and the atmosphere becomes negative. So what if a player doesn’t care about his account and doesn’t care about the consequences of misconduct? This toxic player can freely insult his allies in the game without worrying that he will not be able to play after that, because he knows that he can buy a new account in a few clicks.

Legal rule against moral rule

To keep the game as designed as possible, and we know it’s difficult, selling accounts will further complicate the situation. So, if you want League of Legends to evolve into a healthier future (as much as possible), do not sell your account.

We call here in more detail the moral rules than the legal rules. If you sell your account, you contribute in one way or another to the disruption of the system and indirectly contribute to toxicity.

Any player who hides behind the purchased anonymous account will be more inclined to break the rules and do what he wants.

Risks of selling a League of Legends account

Specifically, what do you risk when selling an account? Not very individually. The vastness of the market makes your account only one small detail among many.

Selling a League of Legends account is not illegal. However, this is contrary to the Riot Terms of Service.

But since you are going to get rid of your account, you do not expose yourself to the same risks as a buyer who does not know what he will fall on.

If your account is suspended, it will not be your responsibility. Don’t forget to let the buyer know so that he doesn’t turn against you. As a rule, the operation of this account is unlikely, since on the outside the only difference when the account is sold is another login location.

Since login from another place in the world is not prohibited, Riot cannot prove that this account has been sold, so it is unlikely that it will be suspended.

Therefore, if you want to go to the end of the procedure and sell your account, here are some tips on how to avoid risk.

How to sell a League of Legends account

Your email address is linked to your League of Legends account. Consider creating a new temporary email address that will be associated with this account to avoid disclosing your personal address.

To prove your sincerity and the authenticity of your offer, be sure to describe it in detail. Thus, provide detailed information about the number of champions, skins, MMR account, account obligations in terms of locks, etc. The more detailed the offer, the more reliable and therefore appreciated it will be.

Go through the account sales platform. This will allow you to get a minimum of payment guarantees. If you go through an individual, it is quite possible that they will decide not to pay you. And if so, you can’t do anything because you don’t respect the rules of using Riot.

Don’t hesitate to visit Gamesrift if you’re interested in Minecraft.

Where to sell your League of Legends account

Here is an incomplete list of the main players in the League of Legends account buy and sell market. It’s up to you based on your own criteria.

Player auction

On the market for many years, this site has been offering to connect gamers to a variety of products. Recognized by the community as reliable, it will ensure the transaction when selling your account and allow you to secure the payment. However, you have to speak English to use it.

Account Warehouse

On the same principle as the Player Auction mentioned above, Account Warehouse offers the purchase and resale of a large number of game accounts. Reliable customer service will help you if, however, you have problems while selling your account LOL.

So, here’s all you need to know about selling your League of Legends account. Again, keep in mind that these sites have built their business on activities bordering on legality, so be very careful when using their services and provide important information.

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