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Globe Life Field

Can a Globe Life Field Make Good Business Sense?

Globe Life Field is an indoor retractable domed roof baseball stadium in Arlington, Texas located within the Texas Fair Park. Since 2021, it will be the new home of the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball as well as the club’s practice facility. Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company owns the naming rights to the facility through 2021.

The Globe Life Field has a retractable roof which is capable of sustaining rain storms with a great degree of ease. This allows for a huge change in the field dimensions when compared to that of traditional diamond multipurpose playing fields. Due to its ability to withstand severe weather, the Globe Life Field can sustain its capacity of hosting hundreds of thousands of players during baseball season without a reduction in indoor or outdoor baseball activity. With the ability to expand and contract while maintaining a comfortable indoor or outdoor temperature, it will continue to entertain and keep people safe throughout the seasons. These capabilities are typical of other retractable-roof stadiums.

Globe Life Park

The Arlington venue hosts corporate events, trade shows, conventions, office facilities and training programs for hundreds of clients annually. The center field and office building are equipped with state of the art amenities including meeting rooms, conference rooms, and board rooms. The Globe Life Park also features a state of the art batting cage along with an elegant putting green. Located on a one hundred thousand gallon water base, the Arlington stadium has the ability to hold more than two hundred thousand people when compared to less than one hundred thousand when taking into account the capacity of the average American family. When considering the facilities and equipment that can be found in the various ball fields across the United States, it becomes clear that the Globe Life Arlington has the most state of the art facility available in Texas.

While considering the various factors that can impact the profitability and benefits of renting or purchasing an Arlington baseball or football field, the first factor that should be considered is the master agreement. With the master agreement in place, tenants are assured of a steady and predictable income from the leasing or purchasing of the Arlington ballpark. The master agreement outlines all of the terms and conditions involved in the baseball or football stadium lease or purchase including payouts for home teams and non-home teams. With the ability to raise or lower rent as required, a tenant can have additional control over his or her monthly budget.

Arlington baseball or football stadium

Other financial benefits associated with leasing an Arlington baseball or football stadium include the potential for naming rights. With the ability to secure naming rights to the baseball or football stadium, current and future tenants can utilize the venue whenever they wish without the restrictions placed upon the current tenant. For example, a tenant who purchases an Arlington ballpark for use by his or her family may sell the property to a third party who wishes to utilize the property for business purposes. In this case, the family would retain the rights to use the ballpark throughout its lifetime (potentially earning a substantial amount of money in the process) and then sell it to a third party who would build the new ballpark on top of the tenant’s current use. By this way, the family would profit off of the positive performance of its valued tenant, while also maintaining its ownership and long-term benefits.

In addition to naming rights

the owner of an Arlington ballpark may opt to pursue revenue sharing with its tenants. The revenue shared represents a percentage of any ticket sales from the ballpark to all of its tenants. With many large metropolitan areas seeing a shortage in disposable income, both the tenant and the owner are encouraged to pursue revenue sharing opportunities in order to maximize their profits. Many baseball parks have seen significant increases in their revenues and profits when these revenue sharing programs were implemented.


The only major renovation currently planned for an Arlington ballpark is the replacement of the current outdoor seating at the ballpark. Plans are in the works for an all-new facility that will feature a retractable roof, similar to that found at Wrigley Field, which will allow the seating to be removed for an extended period of time, during which the entire field can be covered up. When this new facility opens in the 2021 season, you can expect an upgrade in overall amenities, as well as more premium seating, more clubhouses and club store merchandise options, and perhaps even an upgrade in the general appearance of the ballpark. In the future, the sky really is the limit with what an owner or manager can do with their Arlington baseball team. For now, they’re hoping that a comprehensive marketing campaign keeps people in the seats long enough to appreciate all that their investment has done.

The possibilities are nearly limitless for a stadium that’s designed to attract and keep fans involved all season long. You can guarantee that some of the major upgrades, like the addition of an upper deck, will have a significant impact on the value and profitability of the ball club. However, minor changes to the seating, food service, concessions, advertising and stadium signage won’t have nearly the same impact. So while you may not want to make any drastic changes to your current setup, you should still see what options you have when it comes to revamping your Globe Life Field situation. 

Opening and Closing of Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field is an outdoor retractable covered basketball stadium in Arlington, Texas called The Ballpark in Arlington. Since 2021, it has been the home of the Texas Rangers’ major league baseball team. In 2021, the company acquired the then struggling Texas Rangers. Now it has become one of the most successful franchises in major league baseball with a fan base that is spread across six states.

The Globe Life Park has also built an indoor stadium with an attached shopping center and a convention center. It is named Globe Life Park after the original Globe Life insurance company which operated here in 1920. The name was retained because it continues to represent the operations of the business despite its relocation to a new venue. Under the leadership of managing partner Bill Geivett, the company has re-developed and re-operated the old Globe Life Park into an entirely new venue. The new venue has added another attraction to what is already an outstanding baseball park with outstanding views of downtown Arlington.

Globe Life Park

The Globe Life Park has various different features such as a concession stand and a gift shop. There is also a club house and a koozie. The club house serves as the home base for several different activities including batting cages, a commercial shop, and a restaurant. The restaurant provides a complete menu catering to all fans of baseball. The koozie features several uniquely Texas designs which are sold to fans of the sport.

The home base of the Texas Rangers is located on the top floor of the structure. The upper deck is open for fans to view game time. Some sections of seats are wheelchair accessible. The lower levels of the stadium also have wheelchair-accessible seating. The Globe Life Field has several different areas for different types of events.

The Globe Life Field was designed to hold 500 people. The capacity of the ballpark is larger than other ball fields in the area and is the highest of any of the ball fields in Arlington. With all of the extra seating, food, and hot dog concession stands, there are plenty of people enjoying their day on the baseball diamond. There are clubhouses and a bar inside of the park. Several suites and lofts are also located around the ballpark.

Television Sets

The majority of games at Globe Life Field can be seen on television. There are television sets in every seat of the park. Many different types of media are available including video screens and surround sound. In addition to television and radio, the park hosts sporting events with a wide range of musical acts. The food options at the park include concessions, hot dogs, pizza, and soft drinks. Beer and wine are also sold at the ballpark.

The Globe Life Field has played host to some major league baseball games, including the Texas Rangers’ home opener. The ballpark is also the venue for several charity events. It is one of the few places in Arlington where a major league baseball team plays home games during the year. Other notable Arlington sports teams also play at Globe Life Field.

Home Depot Center

The ballpark’s right-field dimensions left field and center field are provided by the Home Depot Center. The dimensions for right field are 10 feet right and three hundred feet center, while the left-field dimensions are two hundred feet right and one hundred feet center. There are several concession stands located around the Globe Life Field at Arlington.

Located on the second base line along the right-field fence is the Globe Life Park Terrace. This pavilion overlooks Globe Life Park and the Texas Diamondbacks baseball team’s practice facility. The seating areas and the concession stands can seat more than two thousand people. The retractable roof structure and the acrylic seating provide an intimate feel to this popular Arlington Texas baseball complex.

The Globe Life Park Terrace has direct access to the lower deck where the ballpark is built. Across the street from the Terrace is the AT&T Bricktown Ballpark and the Dallas Pavilions stage. Both have retractable roofs and can hold up to ten thousand fans.

Construction on the Globe Life Field

That was completed in spring of 2021, before the ballpark opened for the 2021 season. The ballpark is expected to host another major league baseball game for the second consecutive year during the off-season of the next season. A number of corporate and entertainer event were held prior to the opening including a free show by the Rockettes. The ballpark will continue to host events such as these in the future, as it expands its attendance capacity.