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‘Arabica Coffee’ First species of Coffee

by William Beel

Arabica coffee which is also known as mountain coffee or coffee shrub of Arabia is basically got its origin in arabica and it is often believed that that arabica coffee is the first-ever species of coffee to be cultivated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and, it represents 70% of the global production of coffee and it is quite popular as a dominant species. This coffee got its name Arabica coffee in the 7th century when the popularity of the coffee went to lower Arabia from Ethiopia.

How it got its name?

In Ethiopia, the coffee beans were mixed with fat after crushing it and it was a popular food item from the Oromo tribe. Once these beans reached Arabia, coffee was born. Arab scholars named it a brewed beverage for the first time as it uses to help them to stay awake and active prolonged their working hours. From here the coffee reached all the other parts of the world. Hence it was first brewed in Arabia and got its name as Arabica coffee.

Taste of Arabia coffee

The high-quality Arabia coffee has a sweet flavor with a mixture of different flavors including caramel, chocolate, and nuts. You can also get flavors of berries and fruits in it. If you are someone who prefers very  dark coffee then it might taste bitter but to bring out the best flavors from Arabia coffee then lighter roasts can be the best option as it will bring out the sweet flavors of Arabia coffee beans even more.

The roasting amount decides the degree of bitterness and flavors in coffee. The compositions of soil and the area where it was cultivated also decide the balance of the above-mentioned flavors. The very essential part of keeping the authentic taste of coffee is storing it properly so that it can stay nice and fresh as ever.

How Arabica coffee beans are cultivated?

The Arabica coffee plants don’t require any harsh climate, it prefers humidity and cannot grasp frost. The average temperatures require to cultivate the beans lie between 15 degrees and 24-degree Celsius ( 59degree F and 75 degrees F), along with that you can also find it in shady areas, as in Ethiopia and Central America. However, in Brazil, the world leader in coffee production, it is grown in open sun areas. The flowers of the plants are usually white and small and it smells like jasmine flowers, one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have.

The beans which are actually the seeds of the plants are found inside the berries which are grown on these shrub looking plants. These berries are harvested when they are dark purple or deep red in color, and each berry contains 2 beans. The fruits of these plants don’t ripen at the same time so it becomes quite important for the harvesters to pick up the berries by hand. If the bean gets harvested before they are fully ripe, the taste of the coffee will drastically change.

Different kinds of Arabica coffee beans

The Arabica coffee beans have dozen of verities that are cultivated around the globe. Some of these varieties are delicate and can be grown in a specific region while others can easily grow in different regions of the world. Here is the list of the best and common types of Arabica coffee-

1. Typica

2. Bourbon – Arabica coffee Brazil

3.     Caturra – Arabica coffee Brazil

4.     Catimor – Arabica coffee Brazil

5.     Catuai – Arabica coffee Brazil

6.     Geisha – Arabica coffee Brazil

7.     Jackson

8.     Jamaican Blue Mountain

9.     Jember

10.          Kent

11.          Kona

12.          Maragogype

13.          Maracatu/Maracaturra

14.          Mocca/Mokha

15.          Mundo Novo- Arabica coffee Brazil

16.          Pacamara

17.          Pacas

18.          Pache

19.          SL-34 and SL-28

20.   Villa Sarchi


Therefore, if you are a coffee lover then you need to try all different types of coffee to find your perfect Arabica coffee. These Arabica coffee Brazil beans or powdered coffee are a bit expensive as compare to any other variants but worth it.

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