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Acumen EHR and CharmHealth EHR: the transparent analogy!

by William Beel
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Are you among millions looking for a suitable EHR system to enhance the productivity of your health organization? If you are reading this article, then yes, you are in the right place. picking out one software from many is tricky? Today in this article, we are making an informatory comparison between Acumen EHR and Charmhealth EHR so that it could be easier for you to choose.

How is Acumen EHR more productive?

The amazing Acumen EHR Physician Solutions delivers the new technology of EHR and practice management software designed for Nephrology practices. Acumen 2.0, powered by Epic, is the most advanced solution for large-scale patterns today and in the future. It is a significant new product, Acumen’s innovative products can help your practice improve efficiency, and EHR improves patient outcomes and boosts profitability.

It is the most popular EHR for nephrology and is an affiliate of Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA). The Acumen footprint covers the practices of 280 nephrologists and over 2400 providers. Nephrology-specific software includes Acumen Mobile Charge Capture Acumen, the EHR Acumen Plus (nEHR+PM), Acumen Practice Management, Acumen Nephrologixx, and Acumen PQRS. Acumen has decades of experience and development in enhancing its EHR for the workflow of nephrology practices.

Acumen’s Medical Advisory Board and Acumen Medical Advisory Board, and Acumen’s physician practices have continuously impacted the functionality of Acumen in the past. They are expecting to continue to influence the functionality of Acumen so. Acumen Community? In its debut in the coming months, the Acumen Community will be a resource for Acumen 2.0 users to browse hundreds of guides for users, tips sheets, and instructional videos. You can also gain quick access to our learning administration system (LMS).

Seven Acumen features an EHR that you ought to consider

Schedule Appointments

This feature lets users make as many appointments in one day as possible, which means you can maximize revenue and efficiency for the facility. It also helps manage appointments and assists in reducing the number of patients who do not show up to the office. Additionally, when someone cancels at the last minute, this clever software replaces their slot with a different one.

Patient Portal

Patients who try the Acumen EHR Demo have found this feature extremely beneficial since it allows patients to access the internet and participate actively in their treatment. It will enable them to connect to an online portal to schedule appointments for themselves or request refills on prescriptions and access lab results, track future appointments, connect with their doctors via an encrypted portal, and more.

Audit Protection Security for Audits

This feature lets nephrologists raise their reimbursement rates while keeping the highest degree of compliance. It effectively determines the areas of risk within your clinic and suggests corrective solutions that include training and assistance. Your staff and you can also get detailed feedback regarding your billing, coding, and reimbursement processes from the certified coding team of the vendor.

Uninterruptible Communication

By using the EHR system, you will be able to equip yourself and all of your employees with accounts in the system, allowing seamless communication across your company. This feature will ensure that both the practice staff and you are on the same level. This feature also lets you make changes and manage everything more effectively across the entire board.


The powerful billing feature of Acumen EHR will help lower your rate of denial significantly. It assists in managing the billing RCM tasks much easier than before. This feature decreases the chance of making billing mistakes and makes the process easy for you and your patients. Additionally, it is possible to remind patients with outstanding balances and inform them of exceptional charges. It will help you get reimbursements faster by making it easier to remember which is due to pay.

Clinical Information Clinical Data

Accessing the medical history is essential in treating patients because without the patient’s history, you wouldn’t be able to determine the proper diagnosis. the system is packed with incredible patient charts that update you with the patient’s medical history when required. It helps you provide higher health care as you have all the information needed regarding their health condition


The primary benefit is that it was designed to offer an intuitive user interface that allows users to discover what is appealing to them, users. This feature is intuitive and will enable people to move between various options. It is possible to maximize efficiency by spending a short amount of time exploring the software. The dashboard feature makes the platform so simple that the learning curve is nonexistent. The users incredibly like it.

What is CharmHealth EHR?

The sublime CharmHealth EHR is a cloud-based service that has no upfront cost. The provider offers Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, and Medical Billing solutions. Charm EHR is specifically designed for family practice, internal dentistry medicine, obstetrics pediatrics, and integrative medicine. Additionally, they offer a HIPAA secure cloud-based telemedicine solution suitable for hospitals and practices.

CharmHealth is an inbuilt internal communication platform available to hospitals and practices. With CharmHealth Connect, users can set up groups for specific topics to discuss the patient’s care, share details, or engage in a chat with their colleagues.

The company provides an on-site training option, The transfer of data stored in the old system The company has an internal team of data migration to assist with the transfer of data into Charm.

Some of the Key Features of CharmHealth


The EHR module has features such as clinical decision support and patient flowsheets that can provide vital details about the patient to health professionals in a simple way. Efficient e-Prescribing allows practices to connect with 70000+ pharmacies to send electronic prescriptions electronically and quickly approve refill requests. Charm works with labs like Quest, LabCorp, and others to allow lab orders to be electronically received and transmitted.

Practice management

This Practice Management module lets practices simplify their workflows, starting with scheduling appointments, managing inventory and documents creating reports, and the invoicing process and bill. A variety of add-ons like Charm Connect scanning or faxing and voice, and text notifications can help practice members save time and energy and make them able to complete more complex tasks.

Revenue cycle management

Charm also provides Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to assist practices in managing reimbursement and insurance claims. RCM services assure that skilled professionals deal with claims, thereby decreasing the chance of errors, speeding up the process, and increasing the amount of money collected for practices. Services include eligibility check, coding, claims scrubber, claim submissions, payment posting, and denial administration.

Comparison of the EHR’s

Acumen and CharmHealth are two extensive healthcare IT companies that provide innovative technologies to improve health information and deliver it to healthcare providers.

These two companies have similar strategies, so they are often referred to as competitors. Each company has a unique selling point that sets it apart.

Acumen focuses on integrating various systems and using their AI to connect patients with their medical records. They also have an app called Acumen Connect that allows providers to view information without accessing the patient’s phone or computer. In contrast, CharmHealth concentrates on providing care coordination services to manage patients with chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus and hypertension, who often struggle with proper disease management.

Reviews of EHR’s & Final Verdict

Acumen EHR Pros: The program is recognized for saving a lot of time and efficiently managing the entire practice.

CharmHealth Pros: Improved efficiency and Better Patient care. We were able to use eRx, Patient portal, and Telehealth Kiosk to streamline and improve our patient turnaround times.

Acumen EHR Cons: Sometimes assistance is required for certain features and hence work efficiency is negatively affected

CharmHealth Cons: The iPhone app needs a bit of work– it’s nice to be able to read messages, but will not let me access billing, other providers’ schedules, or past treatments rendered

Our thoughts on Acumen & CharmHealth

We conclude that Acumen has a more user-friendly and efficient workflow. Additionally, it is a superior report-writing tool as compared to CharmHealth EHR. Acumen is also able to transmit reports to other departments within the hospital to coordinate the development of healthcare across various departments.

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