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Why are LG Fridges More Popular Today?

by William Beel

In 2020, besides reaching milestones across its home appliance products, LG added another accolade to its fast-growing collection of prizes. Recognized for its perennial quest for innovation in all its products, not to mention superlative quality, the brand was awarded for being the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for washing machines and refrigerators. This was an honour given to LG in TRA’s Brand Trust Report of 2020 (released by TRA Research).

Ranked No. 1 across India, LG stood out conspicuously among 1,000 leading brands in these product categories. Always striving to be at the top as far as consumer satisfaction is concerned, LG aims at bringing intuitive products to its consumers at affordable price points.

Through its futuristic technology, LG has its goals set, forging long-standing consumer relationships by bringing superior service standards and durable products to the market.

Recently, the LG double door fridge has seen inventive styling by launching fridges with a bottom freezer. This brings a world of convenience to users, especially seniors who needn’t bend while using the fridge section. 

Global Popularity

If you want to buy a fridges online, you will find that LG has the most models on display. Although you may find that this is the case with other leading brands like Samsung and Whirlpool, you will discover that LG’s fridges give you a range to choose from in different price ranges.


The brand has become popular for this reason, not only in India where it fulfils the needs of the budget consumer but also internationally, where it sells affordable and flagship models with equal aplomb. Internationally as well as in India, you will find customer satisfaction the highest with LG refrigerators, compared to other brands. 

Fridge Configuration

What makes a refrigerator brand popular? It’s mostly the way the fridges are configured with features and benefits, besides the cost, of course. If customers like the fridge, the fridge becomes popular, and hence, the brand. In the case of LG, customers rate most of the brand’s products as high.

In the case of its refrigerators, customers love the capacities that any LG single door or LG double door fridge provides, stating that sizes of fridges are big and depth is of an increased capacity. Shelving in LG fridges is also optimal, and you can pack a lot in an LG refrigerator. Additionally, door bins are wide, offering double spacing for items placed in this area. 

Other LG Features that Attract Attention

While shopping for a fridge online, like most people do these days, you will find a plethora of models from top brands. This is especially the case if you shop at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store where you can avail huge discounts on products like refrigerators. If you want a small fridge from LG, you will find a huge variety.

The Best Fridges Today

On the other hand, if you want to splurge on a popular flagship fridge from LG, you can go in for the very large 687-litre Side-by-Side model. This is the LG GCB247SLUVAPZQEBN Refrigerator, and you get the best features like multiple air cooling vents (even for the doors) that distribute air through the system of digital sensors.

With such consistent temperature accuracy, you get cooling that keeps your food items fresh for longer periods. In most LG fridges, the inverter compressor works according to the amount of food inside the fridge and distributes air accordingly. You also get digital displays with touch mechanisms in most of all LG’s models, and this integration of technology and functionality makes the brand popular. 

More Technology in Budget Fridges

When cost is the aspect of purchasing a fridge that is uppermost in the average consumer’s mind, an LG double door fridge or a single door fridge is a good bet. The brand is known to offer a fridge for every consumer requirement, and even incorporates the best technology in its small single door models and smaller sized double door fridges. For instance, in the LG Single Door GLB221APZY Refrigerator, you get a direct cool system with inverter compressor technology.

You also get the fastest ice maker in LG fridges, along with antibacterial and humidification systems to keep food fresh. The brand caters to what consumers want, helping them to save on running costs as well by offering efficient 3 or 4-star rated single door fridges. This is a boon for the segment of consumers in the budget category. Not only do you save on the actual cost of the fridge, but running costs are assuredly low. 

The Best Fridges Today

LG is renowned for its penchant for innovation and the brand keeps bagging lucrative awards that solidify its standing as the premier refrigerator brand globally. If you want to purchase a LG refrigerator, you can do so by shopping at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Apart from enjoying alluring deals and discounts, you can also purchase your preferred model on No Cost EMI. This can be achieved by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, with flexible repayment tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months.

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